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Amazon Prime Day 2021 The Best 7 Offers Don’t Miss India

Amazon Prime Day 2021 on a Budget: Our Best Money-Saving Tips | Amazon Prime Day Deals

Amazon Prime Day 2021

Amazon Prime has been a catalyst in providing an unparalleled combination of shopping and entertainment benefits to its members. Prime members in India are all set to discover joy on July 26 and 27 with Two Days of Savings, Great Deals, New Launches from Top Brands & Small and Medium Businesses, Blockbuster Entertainment, and More. This Prime Day, Amazon India will continue to empower small businesses, manufacturers, start-ups and brands, women entrepreneurs, artisans, weavers, and local shops in India, helping them to bounce back from the Covid-19 impact.

Prime Day is returning to India on July 26 and 27, the e-commerce giant has announced in a statement on July 23. In the statement, the company said that it is partnering with leading hotels, restaurants, grocery chains, bookshops, and other businesses to bring benefits, first of all for Prime members, to customers. The plan is to bring ₹ 10,000 off on purchases of food, second-hand, popular books, and e-books and less than ₹ 1,000 off on groceries. All this for a very limited time.

Apart from Christmas purchases, further plans the firm will be launching include a bundle offer of “Prime Day’s Bundles 2”, “Prime Day Deals”, and “Prime Day Zadig Specials”, to be launched in July 27, the statement added. “This was our defining moment for India.”

Amazon Prime Day 2021 The Best 7 Offers

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Whether it was the epic battle royale, Alexa putting Elon Musk to shame, or its controversial lockdown policy, Amazon Prime Day had everything which made it a bonafide cultural event this and every year.

Take a look at some of the offers that will delight customers across the country on July 26 and 27:

Wishlist Your Favourite Products For Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day 2021
Amazon Prime Day 2021
Amazon Prime Day 2021
Amazon Prime Day 2021

Prime Day is said to have exceeded the sales of most traditional Black Friday in the US by registering ₹ 20,000 crores (over ₹ 32,000 crores) in sales on Black Friday. This, however, came under sharp scrutiny from various sectors with US-based politicians calling it illegal.

Amazon has said that it received over one million transactions at peak hours, of which more than 17,000 were repeated customers, WAM reported. Absentee ownership levels showed an upward trend too with 2.5x more transactions across laptops and desktops compared to online purchases.

The battles continued till Cyber Monday. Last year, Amazon India had launched Amazon Monday, which had provided discounts of up to 40% on purchases across grocery, clothing, and electronics, which sold out in less than a day. But, it was not as fruitful this year with a launch of Amazon Gift Wrapping day, which is yet to be rolled out across markets.

With a widening wealth gap between customers and brands, and a need to reduce the average person yet again, Amazon is ready to help small businesses find new customers across the country by offering a range of new and attractive offers. Giving discounts on purchases of food and items like books as well as new and exclusive exclusives, to benefit customers in no time.

Huge savings over purchasing small- and medium-sized businesses’ inventory — Amazon has launched considerable discounts on various types of inventory across categories from textiles to flours and crafts, cosmetics, books, perfumes, household appliances, clothes, and stationery.

The digital warrior rolled out this year’s measures to confront the spiraling health crises at home and abroad have irked many. The e-commerce giant’s conscientious efforts to capitalize on the post-Covid world are raising eyebrows, but are they really extraordinary?

Amazon was one of the first companies to lend a helping hand to the global hygge movement after contagious illnesses swept across the globe in the spring of 2020. They offered discounts and launched initiatives to improve people’s health, feeding the public with its reflectiveness services and information on hygiene.

They partnered with several international non-profits like World Vision to help fight the Covid-19 pandemic, and also launched many initiatives among local businesses. Even for a company like Amazon, which focuses on cutting out logistic supply chain in the supply chain, partnering with nonprofit organizations is commendable as a savvy one would find it.

However, this Good Governance angle raises questions over Amazon’s growing responsibility. For starters, since 2019, Amazon has spent 200 crores (approx US$30 million) on grants and scholarships to support the NGOs doing frontline work during the pandemic. But charitable donations alone are not enough to satisfy people’s bonhomie with the e-commerce giant. Amazon must expand its reach in society, finding an alternative to in-person shopping by providing Prime Services to its customers on their way to and from the fulfillment center. Present-day merchants in the country are fond of word of mouth. We need a new marketing strategy where the customer influences the merchant.

Amazon has implemented several different social media marketing campaigns to reach its members. By sharing pictures or videos of popular products along with the corresponding discounts, Amazon hoped to put fresh air and vibrancy in its members’ lives, giving them something to look forward to every day. This is not the only time that the company launched such campaigns, which have added up to an unprecedented 74% year-on-year growth among Kirana customers.

Having pioneered the retail economy by enabling customers to purchase useful, affordable devices at their doorstep, Amazon’s social network drives brands forward and serves as a networking hotspot as a new survey shows. “Prime is a catalyst to set up connections with people and encourage them to share positive reviews of your business,” says Saurabh Aggarwal, Director —Social, Amazon India.

In a similar vein, Amazon is also the benefactor of several philanthropic initiatives too. Not only is it distributing more books for the impoverished sectors, but it also made reasonable contributions to Dalit temples, especially in the lonely rural areas of India.

Amazon will continue to play a crucial role in enabling small business owners and communities to come together to open their hearts and minds to larger, global audiences. For these businesses, Prime Day represents a chance to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges and find a second wind. We extend our gratitude and offer our help in assisting the small and medium business owners and businesses in India to close that critical second chapter.

During a time when millions of people around the world are facing very real food and health shortages, we welcome Prime Day with open arms. Many of our customers who are impacted most directly by the pandemic are Amazon’s Millions of Helpers program members. Many nonprofits watching this pandemic from the sidelines have relied on Amazon for small business donations, sustenance, and essential goods during this crisis. Prime Day provides a tremendous opportunity to remain a positive force for change in communities around the world.

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