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Best Solar Table Fans India Buy Online Price

Best Solar Table Fans India: These Table Fans run on Solar Light, there will be big savings on the electricity bill, price starts from Rs.899.

Most people spend a lot on ACs and coolers to escape the heat, but one device that gets overlooked is the table fan. While this isn’t very effective at cooling entire rooms or large spaces, table fans can be most useful for smaller spaces, as you can plug and put them almost anywhere. Nowadays, Table Fans powered by solar lights are also available in the market, which can reduce the burden of electricity bills. Let’s know about some (Best Solar Table Fans India) similar solar-powered table fans whose cost is also not high.

3 Best Solar Table Fans India


If there are frequent power cuts during the summer season, then the ZOSOE Powerful Rechargeable Table Fan (ZOSOE POWERFUL RECHARGEABLE TABLE FAN) can be useful for you. It features 2-speed settings, so you can adjust the airflow. It is an 18-inch leaf table fan (18” leaf table fan), which can be powered by AC and DC power sources.

This means you can use a solar panel board or a battery to charge the fan. It also has an emergency light, which can be used when there is a power cut at night. The battery life can last up to 8 hours when the LED is on only, while it can last up to 4 hours when the fan is used and up to 3 hours of use together.

You can also adjust the height of the fan. The online price of (Best Solar Table Fans India) ZOSOE rechargeable fan is Rs.899.


D.Light Solar Table Fan can be suitable for small spaces. D.Light since the last few years has been doing well in manufacturing reliable and quality devices. This table fan also falls in the same category. It can be recharged using a lithium-ion battery and solar panels (16 W). This makes it easy to use and charge.

This fan works for about 8 hours when fully charged. It can act as an emergency backup during long power cuts in summers and also features an in-built light, which can be used in case of an emergency. The fan weighs 2.7 kg and has 5 buttons such as power on/off, speed up and down, switching on the emergency light, and setting a half-hour timer for battery conservation.

It is equipped with a high-speed motor. The online price of (Best Solar Table Fans India) this SOLAR TABLE FAN from D.LIGHT is Rs 4,195. The company is also giving a 1-year warranty on this product. You can also buy it from Amazon at a monthly EMI of just Rs 197.


Best Solar Table Fans India

If you wish, you can work from the comfort of your desk while enjoying the cool breeze through the solar-powered LOVELY SANCHI SOLAR TABLE FAN. Apart from being lightweight and compact, this table fan has a glossy finish that gives it a modern look.

It has 3 fan blades and you can choose between the available 3-speed settings at your convenience. It has a compact design that means you can keep or use it anywhere. It weighs 3.4 kg and can be powered using either an AC (3 Amp adapter) or a DC power supply (12 V/24 Watts). Its 24 W motor can spin at a speed of up to 2400 RPM.

You can also run this fan directly using a 50W to 80W solar panel or connect it to a solar charge controller or battery. The online price of (Best Solar Table Fans India) this solar-powered table fan is Rs 1,549. The company provides 6 months warranty on this product.

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