Android P may Introduce Advanced Call Blocking Feature

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XDA-Developers recently updated “we’re nearing the release of the first Android P Developer Preview (judging by how much activity has died down in AOSP)”. XDA also reported that the next major version of Android possibly brings support for IRIS Scanner.

According to XDA-Developers Android P may feature an advance stock dialer app. Sony Engineers are working on a ton of carrier-related changes in Android. As the engineers add new features to the stock dialer app: the ability to block calls from unknown numbers, private numbers, pay phones, or any numbers not in your contact list.

According to string shown in above image, you can block phone numbers in the following criteria:

  • Phone number not in the contacts list
  • Phone number not disclosed by the caller (Private number)
  • The phone number is from a payphone
  • The phone number does not have any caller ID information

This feature would be disabled if a user places an emergency call. Sony engineer mentions that it is an “operator requirement” for a persistent notification to be displayed telling the user that call blocking has been disabled after an emergency call, so there should be no confusion or panic from the user in these circumstances.


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