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Best Bluetooth Tracking Devices Under 1500 India 2024

Best Bluetooth Tracking Devices Under 1500: Now track your valuables with these best Bluetooth tracking devices, starting from Rs.600 onwards.

Nowadays technology has become very advanced and with its help, many such things are now possible which were probably not there before. From phone to TV and now even the light and fan also run at your one gesture. Earlier, when our house or car keys were lost, we had to work hard to find them, but now with the help of technology, you can find them in minutes. In this report, we are going to tell you about the best Bluetooth tracking devices. If you are also thinking of getting a Bluetooth tracking device for your home or kids, then this report of ours will be very useful for you and it might make your life a little easier with this device.

Portronics Bluetooth Tracking Device (Price Rs 605)

First of all, you can see the model of Portronics (‎POR-130 (iTrack 1), which is the world’s lowest-cost Bluetooth tracking device. With the help of this device, you can check your valuables like wallet, key chain, luggage or Can be paired with handbags, so you can easily locate them with the help of this tracker if you ever get lost.

It comes in a compact size and sleek design that you can comfortably fit anywhere. To track luggage, you must first pair it with your smartphone and tap on the button on the “TRACKFAST” app on your paired smartphone to make iTrack 1 ring and find any of your belongings.

This Bluetooth tracking device starts ringing even on silent mode when you are at a distance of up to 10 meters, and it will also search for your last location, whether you have heard your warning buzzer or not Even then this tracker tells you the last location of your valuables with the help of TRACKFAST app. With its help, you can buy keys, wallets, wallets, and many more, along with this you can also take selfies and share them with your friends and family with this Trackfast app.

In this, you get an in-built battery that lasts for a long time and is easily replaceable from market to market. This device is dust and water-resistant which makes it run for years. You will get it in white color. Its online price is Rs 605 and the company is also giving you a 1-year warranty.

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Via Lynk Bluetooth Tracking Device (Price Rs 1,150)

You can check out the Vaya Lynk Brand (‎LY01000PL04) model, which might be your choice. You will find this device made of high-quality ABS plastic which makes it strong and durable. This Bluetooth tracker comes with the Via Lynk app memory, which stores all your information such as where you last used the tagged item, thus enabling you to find it in a snap. You can tag the device on your wallet, keys, pets, bags, luggage, and more.

Apart from this, you can also click great selfies with this device. The device is also splash-proof and has a compact and sleek design that will easily fit anywhere as a keyring.

The device also comes with SOS alarm which, when needed, sends alerts to your loved ones who have already been added to their list. If you want, you can also easily track it by hanging it on your child’s school bag. You will find this device in several sets such as 1/2 and 4K options. It runs on battery and you can easily change its battery. You will get this product in Red, Blue, Cool Grey, Rose, and Green colors. Its online price is Rs 1,150 and the company also gives you a 1-year warranty on it.

tag8 Dolphin Tracking Device (Price Rs 1,499)

You can find the (SB-122) model of the tag8 Dolphin Bluetooth tracking device. This smart tracker is arguably the world’s most compact, high range and superior, Bluetooth tracker. In this, as soon as your tracker goes out of range, the alarm on your smartphone and smart tracker starts ringing and this tracker’s GPS gives you real-time information, even when the phone is disconnected, the last seen service. The location also tells you.

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The tracker covers a range of 60-100 feet and sounds an alarm as soon as you separate. You will get it in a compact and sleek design which you can hang from your backpack, car key, camera, or even school bag of kids. It is powered by a battery that can last for a maximum of 6 months, then you can easily get it changed from the market.

All you have to do is pair this tracker with ‘Make Finding Smart’ from your phone (iOS or Android) and you can use it as well as click selfies from this device. You can buy it in black color. Its online price is Rs 1,499 and the company is also giving you 6 months warranty on it.

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