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Best Feeding Electric Steam Sterilizer India 2024

To offer a healthy childhood to your baby is first priority that’s why you care more and more about your newborn baby. After a baby is born for a few months, we always want to wrap them in a soft and fuzzy blanket so the baby should be protected from any negative energy or from a big bad world. A parent always thinks that I can do more so I can keep a safe and healthy baby. Yes, nobody wants to suffer their baby from any disease. But we know that we can’t protect them 100% from everything but something most important parents can do that will prevent their baby from disease. Such as the absolute protection from drinking germs along with their milk. Using one of the best Feeding Electric Steam Sterilizer parents can make sure that their baby is drinking healthy milk not any kind of germs.

We know that there are so many feeding electric steam sterilizers is available in the market so it is hard to find the best Best Feeding Electric Steam Sterilizer. So now don’t worry about it because we have collected the 5 Best Feeding Electric Steam Sterilizer machines from the online store. So you can choose any of them according to your interest and buy online. Read more about Best Feeding Electric Steam Sterilizer India.

5 Best Feeding Electric Steam Sterilizer India



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Philips Avent Feeding Electric Steam Sterilizer

Trumom Feeding Electric Steam Sterilizer

Morisons Electric Steam Sterilizer

Chicco Steam Sterilizer

LuvLap Feeding Electric Steam Sterilizer

Why Electric Steam Sterilizer?

Electric steam sterilizers are very efficient in sterilizing any baby bottle. It is able to kill up to 99.9 percent of germs. A Feeding Electric Steam Sterilizer is simple to operate, light in weight, and can be easily carried from one place to another.

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1. Philips Avent Electric Steam Sterilizer

Best Feeding Electric Steam Sterilizer

This is a 3-in-1 Avent Electric Steam Sterilizer that ensures your baby stays protected from tummy upsets and diarrhea. It is designed with adjustable size, this feeding electric steam sterilizer is suitable for both narrow neck and wide neck bottles and holds up to six 330ml Philips Avent bottles. Also effectively sterilizes bottles, pacifiers, breast pumps, and plates in just six minutes and switches off automatically at the end of the cycle. This steam sterilizer does Natural steam sterilization to destroy approximately 99.9 percent of harmful germs and purify your baby’s feeding equipment.

All you have to do is pour water into the sterilizer and press the button to clean your baby’s feeding equipment. You can conveniently place your baby’s bottle in the sterilizer for up to 24 hours, as long as the lid remains closed. It is made with BPA-free materials, this Philips Avent sterilizer is safe for cleaning your baby’s bottles and more. This fast, easy, and effective Avent steam sterilizer will make sterilization as easy as possible.

Steps how to use

When you use the sterilizer, small spots may appear on the heating element in the base. This is a scale that is building up. The harder the water, the faster scale builds up. Descale the sterilizer at least every 1 or 2 weeks to ensure that it continues to work effectively.

  • Pour 80ml/2.7oz of white vinegar (5% acetic acid) and 20ml/0.7oz of water into the water reservoir.
  • Leave the solution in the water reservoir until the scale has resolved.
  • Empty the water reservoir, thoroughly rinse it, and wipe the base with a damp cloth.

  • Adjustable size
  • The voltage is 50-60 Hz
  • Power consumption is 650 watts
  • Voltage: 220-240 V
  • Suitable for wide neck and narrow neck bottle
  • 6-minute cycle with automatic shut-off
  • Natural steam sterilization kills 99.9 percent of harmful germs
  • This sterilizer is made from BPA Free materials.

2. Trumom Steam Sterilizer

Best Feeding Electric Steam Sterilizer

The Trumom Feeding Electric Steam Sterilizer is ergonomically designed with well-defined attachments including clamps, bottle shelf, nipple shelf, base, lid, etc. And all these accessories are very easy to assemble. It is incredibly useful especially when you are traveling. The body of this Electric Steam Sterilizer is made from food-grade silicone, which is non-toxic and completely safe for use. It is heat resistant up to 110 degrees. The heating coil of the Feeding Electric Steam Sterilizer is made up of high-quality materials and is easy to clean. It consumes less time to clean if you soak it overnight in a mixture of vinegar and water as it appeared on scaling automatically remove it.

It continuously works as a sterilization system of steam at high temperatures to kill germs. It takes only 9 minutes to sterilize all preserved objects. The bottle must be used immediately if it is not, it is possible to leave it in the sterilizer for a long time with the lid closed.

  • Electric Sterilizer for feeding bottles (6 bottles)
  • Baby Food Steamer
  • Baby Safe 100 % BPA Free Plastic
  • Fast Sterilization: kills 99.9% of germs

3. Morisons Electric Steam Sterilizer

The Morisons Baby Dreams electric sterilizer is carefully designed to easily and effectively clean your baby’s bottles and accessories. It can hold up to six bottles and more accessories and teats. Steam sterilization kills all germs and bacteria in less than 10 minutes. The sterilizer uses natural steam to sterilize, making it the safest and easiest way to prepare your baby’s bottles for use. This Feeding Electric Steam Sterilizer uses the same technique to sterilize that is used in medical devices. Using steam-sterilization ensures safety and efficacy as well. Its Thermostatic control makes sure that the contents inside the sterilizers reach the right temperature to be germ-free and at the same time ensures that there is no temperature damage caused to these contents. It switches off automatically when the desired temperature is reached. So you can relax and continue with your other work or spend time with the baby without monitoring the sterilizer.

  • Electric Sterilizer
  • Capacity – 6 Bottles
  • Quick electric sterilizer
  • Fast 8 minutes sterilization Automatic switch-off function
  • Holds up to 6 bottles
  • Tongs for easy handling Effectively kill bacteria

4. Chicco Steam Sterilizer

Chicco is one of the largest baby care brands in the world. The brand is part of a global multinational company, Artsana Group. Chicco’s vast experience of over 60 years in the infant world is consolidated in “Osservatorio Chicco” (Baby Research Center) which collaborated with doctors, midwives, pediatricians, and parents to understand a baby’s psycho-physical, emotional and social needs to create the most efficient products anf solutions.

The Chicco 3 in 1 Feeding Electric Steam Sterilizer adapts to the needs of both mom and baby. It allows you to effectively sterilize objects by eliminating 99.9% of germs in a safe and natural way with the help of steam. It is possible to choose between three different configurations: Full size, Compactor Microwave, based on the number of objects to be sterilized. The bottles/objects remain disinfected for up to 24 hours until the lid is closed. Furthermore, with its automatic safety stop function, the sterilizer switches off automatically at the end of the cycle. In addition, the microwave configuration gives you the advantage of taking it with you while traveling on vacation with the baby. Compatible with most bottles, breast pumps, and accessories, it is a safe and natural way to sterilize as it uses steam which does not compromise the quality of the product.

The Chicco 3 in 1 Feeding Electric Steam is available in three configurations: Full size, Compact, and Microwave to meet your specific needs. The full-size model allows the simultaneous sterilization of 6 bottles of 330ml capacity, while in compact and microwave mode it is possible to sterilize 2 bottles of 330ml together with small accessories such as small toys, pacifiers, teats, etc.

  • Chicco Sterilizer 3 in 1 helps in simplifying mothers’ daily practice of sterilization and eliminates germs naturally
  • Safely and effectively with the help of steam
  • Effective Sterilization: Eliminates 99.9% of harmful household germs resulting in effective sterilization
  • 24-hour Protection: Keeps the bottles/objects sterilized for up to 24 hours till the time lid is closed
  • Provides an option to choose from 3 different configuration
  • Full size (6 bottles), compact (2 bottles), and microwave (2 bottles) based on the number of objects/items to be sterilized
  • Compact Eco and Fast Sterilization
  • Fast and easy to use, sterilizes in just 5 minutes (warming time excluded)
  • While also offers an advantage to carry along while traveling
  • Also, allows for saving up to 25% of time and energy
  • Switches off automatically at the end of the cycle
  • The steps of sterilization are so simple that even when the mother is not at home
  • Anybody can manage it in her absence
  • Sterilizer works on the process of intense steam that effectively cleans the baby utensils without affecting the product quality

5. LuvLap Electric Steam Sterilizer

Best Feeding Electric Steam Sterilizer

LuvLap Feeding Electric Steam Sterilizer does steam sterilization in a quick, safe, and efficient way to clean baby food and other accessories. It effectively kills 99.9% of harmful germs from sterilized items. LuvLap Electric Sterilizer also keeps contents sterile for up to 24 hours if the lid remains closed. It has also the ability to sterilize 6 feeding bottles and accessories in one go. Along with feeding bottles, you can also use it to clean breast pump parts, teethers, pacifiers, small toys, etc. too.

  • Electric Steam sterilizer
  • Kills 99.9% of harmful germs
  • Chemical-free
  • Sterilizes 6 bottles & accessories in only 8 minutes
  • Compact Design with Travel Friendly
  • Contents remain sterile for 24 hrs if the lid is unopened
  • Auto Shut Off
  • Tray, Tong to handle warm objects, and Measuring Cup
  • Transparent Body, for easy viewing of contents being sterilized


Being a newborn baby’s mom is like no other job in the world. You can also sterilize many other smaller and bigger items including breast pumps, bowls, spoons, small toys, teethers, cutleries together, or separately. Infants’ immune systems are still developing during the first few months of birth. Simple washing practices for baby products may not remove all germs (bacteria, fungi, etc.) and may prove harmful to your baby. The Feeding Electric Steam Sterilizer eliminates 99.9% of commonly found household germs naturally with the help of steam. So this concludes the topic for Best Feeding Electric Steam Sterilizer India.

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