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The 7 Best Wall Clock Brands India 2021

India’s Top Best Wall Clock Brands and Clocks

Topic: Best Wall Clock Brands India 2021

Without a wall clock, home decor is incomplete. The clock plays a crucial role to enhance our space look. The clock is considered the foremost important tool of our era. We won’t imagine a managed life without the clock. It helps in managing our life and activities. The clock not only shows the correct times but it’s also an excellent piece for our decoration too.

A wall clock is an excellent modern idea. It depends on your taste and selection. You’ll get wall clocks as a present for various occasions like birthdays, weddings, or other events. There are many varieties of wall clocks are available on the market. You’ll find a themed watch for children, a contemporary or traditional watch for your friends and relatives.

You can choose a wall clock consistent with your interior design or match the color of the place or furniture. IF you decide on the correct watch, it can offer you an awfully elegant and stunning look at your home. It’ll be an excellent addition to your home or office. An easy and classic punch in the office will help employees keep track of your time. It’ll help them understand the importance of your time. In a competitive market, every brand says I’m the best, even it is new or old. So here’re we’ve found 7 best wall clock brands in India. These brands are well established and offer premium quality products to consumers.

7 Best Wall Clock Brands India 2021

  1. RoyalsCart
  2. Casio
  3. Ajanta
  4. Amazon Brand – Solimo
  5. SEIKO
  6. eCraftIndia
  7. ExclusiveLane

1) RoyalsCart

RoyalsCart has a wide range of clocks, mirrors, antiques, crafts, wood carvings, and furniture. Where premium quality and great value go hand in hand. Each RoyalsCart product is carefully constructed to deliver exceptional quality. From the materials used to the detailed quality checks, to the thoughtful improvements, quality is at the heart of everything we do. RoyalsCart is on the top of the list of the best wall clock brands because of its clock design. The ranking is provided on the basis of the brand wall clock’s design and popularity in India and Worldwide.

2) Casio

Casio’s corporate credo is “creativity and contribution”. It expresses the company’s commitment to contribute to society by offering the kind of original and useful products that only Casio knows. Casio stands on second in the list of best wall clocks.

Products with innovative functions help people in their daily lives and advance society. They also bring joy to people and help create a new culture. When even a single new product is widely adopted, completely new markets develop and this, in turn, fosters growth in related industries. This is the story of Casio’s contribution to innovative products for the society that improve people’s lives.

3) Ajanta

Ajanta India Limited is a trust-worthy brand that has built its name through years of dedication and hard work. In its steadfast approach to nearly fifty years of service, Ajanta has continuously led the market by converting science and technology into consumer-friendly products, offering one breakthrough after another. Ajanta is on the top 3 in the list of best wall clocks.

Ajanta India Limited is an ISO-9001-2000 certified company that creates beautiful art pieces of clocks in India and has now created a stronghold in the LED lightings division with the production of LED Bulbs, LED Tube Lights, LED Street Lights, LED Panel Lights, LED Down Lights and LED Flood Lights. With world-class customer service and a growing community of users, Ajanta LED has established its brand identity as a leader in India’s LED lighting sector within a short span of few years. Its long association with the consumers has given it a deep understanding of great design, engineering, and architecture processes from design to delivery. We take a peek at the incredible journey of Ajanta India Limited from its humble beginnings to a harbinger of LEDs.

4) Amazon Brand – Solimo

Amazon Brand – Solimo is on the 4th number of list of best wall clock brands. Solimo is owned by Amazon. Each Solimo product is carefully constructed to deliver exceptional quality. From the materials used to the detailed quality checks, to the thoughtful improvements, quality is at the heart of everything we do. We invest our resources only in what’s important to you and minimize costs on things like packaging, advertising, and other extras that don’t add value. This helps us keep our costs low and create products that offer more value for the price you pay. Expect a little more every time you buy a Solimo product.


We’ve listed Seiko’s on the 5th number of list of best wall clock brands. Seiko Holdings Corporation, commonly known as Seiko, is a Japanese holding company that has subsidiaries that manufacture and sell watches, watches, electronic devices, semiconductors, jewelry, and optical products. Seiko is perhaps best known for its wristwatches, which were once all made entirely in-house. This includes not only important elements such as micro gears, motors, hands, crystal oscillators, batteries, sensors, and LCDs but also minor elements such as the oils used to lubricate the watches and the luminous compounds used on the hands and dials.

Seiko watches were originally produced by two different subsidiaries. One was Daini Seikosha Co., (now known as Seiko Instruments Inc.), and the other was Suwa Seikosha Co. (now known as Seiko Epson Corporation). Having two companies both producing the same watch brand has allowed Seiko to improve the technology through competition and hedging risk. It has also reduced the risk of production problems, as a company can increase production if production in other parts decreases.

6) eCraftIndia

eCraftIndia offers access to reserves of handcrafted artifacts, both lavishly curated by collaboration with communities of empaneled artisans and independent artists. Borrowing inspiration from our “Rajasthani Karigar” roots, we dedicate this portal to the ever-evolving and ever-inspiring creation of the Indian craft ship. Our mission is to offer the global public a gateway to select Indian artifacts and spark a conversation dedicated to the conservation of arts and crafts. Rajasthan is famous for the “treasure of Indian craftsmanship”. These handcrafted products have also earned the country endless love. Hence, we bring you artifacts directly here from Rajasthan under one roof. We’ve listed eCraftIndia’s on the 6th number of the list of best wall clock brands.

To bring your home to life, you need décor with exceptional pieces of crafts and art that you can see and feel. Every detail matters: clean design, meticulous workmanship, stunning portraits and artifacts, personal touches and colors, and the highest quality materials. Art is functional, beautiful, and has a view. You may never know who created these works of art. However, you know where to order from eCraftIndia. Decorate your home with our decorations, paintings, furniture, and kitchen items. Making handmade gifts for your loved ones is the latest trend as it shows the efforts of the craftsmen and also says a lot about the country. These crafts are made with love, care and it has just cared for you.

7) ExclusiveLane

We’ve listed ExclusiveLane’s on the 7 number of best wall clock brands. Undoubtedly, India, one of the most beautiful countries, is often remembered for bringing into their ancient traditions and culture as they were followed years ago. This culturally rich country has various ancient artisans and their handcrafted products that are still hidden from their original identity and escapes to get their value not only urban but also in the global market.

Hence, ExclusiveLane is born, which is largely born from the love for handmade products. The company only wants hand-picked handicrafts from rural artisans from different parts of India and let them discover their talents through their beautiful handcrafted products. We are called to show diversity, heritage, and authentic products to urban consumers at an affordable price while preserving traditional art.

Quick Tips For Buying The Best Wall Clock

Before buying the best wall clock the first thing to keep in the mind is your interior material such as Glass, Metal, Plastic, or Wood then the color of your interior. Now the next step is to decide the display type of the wall clock Analog or Digital. The last and important thing is the shape of the wall clock Rectangular, Round, or Square.

Best Wall Clocks From Top Best Wall Clock Brands India 2021

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Conclusion (Best Wall Clock Brands)

Above we’ve listed the Most popular top wall clock brands in India. We’ve also listed 7 best wall clocks from top wall clock brands. So you can buy any enhance the look of your space. These wall clocks are perfect for home or office. If you’re using any of them must write your experience in the below comment box.

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