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How does dual camera work in smartphones: know everything

Almost every smartphone manufacturer is focusing on dual camera for their smartphones. Not only Android smartphone manufacturers Apple is also focusing on dual camera for their iPhone. Consumers are also loving this technology. The dual camera smartphones are in high demand in the smartphone market. I hope you also purchased a dual camera smartphone but do you know how does dual camera work in smartphones? If you don’t know how does dual camera work in smartphones, don’t worry today I’m telling you about its functionality. With the help of dual camera in smartphones, you can capture a better image. It can enhance your smartphone photography. So I’m telling you about dual camera setup, benefits of a dual camera in smartphones and more facts about a dual camera.

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Dual camera work in smartphones:

What is a dual camera setup?

The camera module in a smartphone is small because manufacturers have to build a slim smartphone. In this small module, manufacturers have to install multiple laser elements, an image sensor, and small motors for optical image stabilization. For dual camera smartphone, we see dual camera setup on the rear of the smartphone. The company places it together either horizontally or vertically. It means the smartphone will have two independent camera modules. One will be a primary camera sensor that will perform all the main tasks, while another will be a secondary camera sensor that will help to capture extra light, increases the field of view and enables background blur.

Is it new technology?

It is not like this. The dual camera setup was first introduced by HTC in their smartphone HTC Evo 3D. That time the dual camera was used with HTC’s 3D screen to capture a 3D image. Later in the year 2014, HTC introduced the dual camera setup in HTC One M8 with the depth of Field effect.

Benefits of a dual camera setup

Dual camera capture sharp image with more details. It enables the ultra wide angle mode. To focus the subject it uses depth of Field. The dual camera setup adds 1X or 2X optical zoom.

Does dual camera setup also come for front camera?

In the year 2015, Lenovo introduced a dual front camera setup in the Lenovo Vive S1. Vivo also launched Vivo V5 Plus with dual front camera setup. In this smartphone, there was Bokeh effect for better Depth of Field. The smartphone was mainly for those users who want to adjust the aperture according to their choice.

Does a dual camera setup smartphone always capture a better image?

That’s not necessary. Although a dual camera system offers impressive results, some other factors such as the size of the sensor, the size of the pixel, aperture, and post-processing also play a very important role in the result of photography.

Some smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S7, Google Pixel, OnePlus 3, LG G5, HTC 10 can offer better low light photography and better details in the captured image in comparison to dual camera smartphones. Dual camera smartphones like iPhone 7 Plus and Huawei P9 can compete for these smartphones.

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