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What Is AI (Artificial Intelligence)? How Does AI work?

What Is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere in news nowadays, from debates to the internet, to the newspaper and more. The entire world is talking about Artificial Intelligence and Robots in News stories, In movies, Commercial and In many TV shows but “We Don’t Know How Does AI Work?

What is Artificial intelligence?

“You use AI probably many times in a day, but you don’t know it’s happening”.

For Example, AI works as a Virtual Personal Assistants such as Apple’s Siri, Window’s Cortona, and Android Google Now. All of them help the users to complete their work and find information when you asked for it.

One of the best use of AI in daily life, most people familiar with Video Games.

All of these Interactions are being performed by Artificial Intelligence, which is defined as…

“A set of technologies and processes that make machines smarter; that teach them to do things humans wouldn’t normally be required to do.”

How Does AI Work?

It all started out as Science fiction: Machine can feel, Machine can talk, and Machine can think. However, the first one may be impossible without igniting a whole world of the debate regarding the existence of awareness. While scientist has certainly been making strides with the second last and last one.

“Artificial intelligence is not magic,” write LeCun, Head of Facebook’s AI research, and Candela, Facebook’s Director of Applied Machine Learning, in their blog.

But we have already seen that how it can make apparently magical advances in scientific researches and in our daily life by completing our task, driving a car, identify objects in pictures, recognizing speech (virtual assistants).

How Does AI Work and self care?

Now question is that How does AI work? Many Machines and Systems use algorithms techniques based on the human brain. This Neural network helps the machine to recognize human patter, driving a car, translate thousands of languages, identify objects from pictures.

All of these happens because of a bunch of coded programs designed to run a neural network with millions of units and billion of networks.

Machine Learning is a category in the field of AI concerned with conferring upon machines and robots the ability to learn. On the other hand, Deep Learning is a sub-category of machine learning and the most advanced AI field. Its a one that guides to Artificial Intelligence to closest to enabling the machine to learn and think as much as human as possible.

How Does AI work
How Does AI work; image source: NVIDIA

As you can see in the image… “Deep learning is a subcategory of Machine learning (ML) and The ML fall within Artificial Intelligence.”


How Do People See It?

Tesla, SpaceX’s founder Elon Musk state that, “Artificial Intelligence poses a greater threat to humanity than Nuclear Weapon.”

Although Mark Zuckerberg believes Artificial Intelligence will save our lives.

Most of the time, people oppose Artificial Intelligence for various reasons, such as spiritualism, which claims that in order to be intelligent, a being must have a soul or a conscience. Physical Reality, AI transforms the physical world. Some people think it will be impossible to achieve true Artificial Intelligence because it’s too complex.

There are many Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence.

What about AI’s impact on jobs?

Technology vs Employment is an age-old debate.

In Spite of growing anxiety over automation eliminating the jobs, Yann LeCun the computer scientist believes that Artificial Intelligence will create a new role for humans in training, manufacturing, sales, and marketing, and maintenance and management of intelligent robots.

But it’s clear that Medical and Healthcare, and Transportation will be among the first industries to completely transformed by Artificial Intelligence and Robots.

But in some cases, AI will displace much low skilled jobs.

Final Thoughts: Like we thinking Robots and Machines are works automatically, it’s magic. No, it’s not any magic or miracles Robots and Machine are well programmed by Machine learning, Deep learning, and Neural Network i.e. called “Artificial Intelligence“.

A coin has two sides” like that AI also has some pros and cons. It’s upon us how we use it!

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