Everyday Genius Developed Non Contact Heart Rate Monitor P10 X20

Everyday Genius Developed Non-Contact Heart-Rate monitor Using Helio P10/X20 processors

Everyday Genius Developed Non Contact Heart Rate Monitor P10 X20

Everyday Genius Program runs by chip manufacturer company MediaTek. The Program encourage individuals to solve problems using MediaTek technology. Now the team has got success in a Project —Non-Contact Heart-Rate Monitor and MediaTek publishes it proudly.

Under Everyday Genius a group of two person—Yu-Ting Chen and Tung-Chien Chen has developed a way to measure heart rate without the need for touching the patient. Both Yu-Ting and Tung-Chien work for MediaTek.

These guys developed the procedure using smartphones powered by MediaTek’s Helio P10 and Helio X20 processors.

Before this technology the common way to measure heart rate was by feeling the pulse of the wrist. But now the new way uses smartphone’s camera to measure Heart-rate.

According to team, When your heart beats and pumps bloodEveryday around the body, your skin will flush almost imperceptibly. Our visual processing technology can detect these slight color changes on the skin’s surface. The pulse can then be worked out using a sophisticated algorithm, and the result delivered in seconds.

This technology will definitely save time and money and also will be useful for those place where expensive equipment for health monitoring isn’t available.

I think this technology is not perfect because skin color changes are easily noticeable in fairy skin people and will work fine. But for dark skinned people, this will be difficult or may not work.

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