Google alerts Android phone users and released a list of 145 dangerous android apps. These applications are fully affected by viruses. Through these, information about the user can be easily stolen through such as personal information related to your bank account, email and social media account. Google has advised to delete them immediately from your smartphone.

It’s common for malware or dangerous apps on the Google Play store. However, at the beginning of this year (2018), Google had said that during the last year (2017), a total of 7,00,000 apps were removed from the Play Store. After this year, researchers from security firms such as Cementack, ESET, and Check Point had warned of some hidden malware apps are still present on the Google Play Store. Many of these are being displayed as utility apps and as many security apps.

How Hackers Steal your data

According to Google, these 145 dangerous android apps are affected by viruses are not harmful to Android phones. But if the phone is connected to a Windows computer then this virus can enter your computer. The company reported that the affected strings of the virus are able to understand the keystrokes (letters and words to be typed on the keyboard). Through this hackers can easily steal much personal information including your bank details, credit-debit card, email and password associated with social media account.

To annoy users, hackers remove the icons of these apps from the home screen. Here I’m going to tell you about some dangerous Android apps that the researchers found on the Google Play Store. If you downloaded this app, then delete them soon. It can steal your phone’s data easily.

List of 145 dangerous android apps

  1. Virus Cleaner Antivirus 2017 – Clean Virus Booster
  2. Antivirus & Virus Cleaner (Applock, Cleaner)
  3. antivirus – Security
  4. Antivirus 2018
  5. Antivirus Clean
  6. Security Antivirus 2018
  7. Max Security – Antivirus&Booster &Cleaner
  8. Antivirus Cleaner – Virus Scanner And Junk Remover
  9. Antivirus Security Free
  10. Antivirus Cleaner For Android & App Locker Pattern
  11. Antivirus Security
  12. Smadav antivirus for android 2018
  13. Antivirus Free: Process Virus
  14. TV Antivirus Free + App lock
  15. Antivirus Virus Cleaner – Security Applock 2017
  16. Super Security-Anti Virus
  17. Phone Cleaner & Booster
  18. Antivirus Free + Virus Cleaner + Security App
  19. Antivirus Pro – Virus Cleaner – Boost Mobile free
  20. Virus Clean Antivirus – Cpu Cooler & Ram Master
  21. 360 Secure Antivirus
  22. Antivirus Cleaner Booster
  23. Antivirus Android 2018
  24. Antivirus & Virus Remover 2018
  25. Antivirus Free 2018
  26. Kara Security Manager Antivirus
  27. Security Antivirus 2018
  28. Antivirus & Virus Cleaner & Security
  29. Master Antivirus Booster App Lock
  30. Virus Cleaner – Antivirus
  31. Booster
  32. Security & AppLock
  33. Smart Security Antivirus & Applocker & Cleaner
  34. Antivirus 2017 & Virus Removal
  35. Energy Antivirus Cleaner
  36. Antivirus Master-Applock Pro
  37. AntiVirus Mobile Security for Android – Free
  38. Aladdin and the ancient magic lamp
  39. the morning and evening
  40. Game Billiards
  41. Game Girls
  42. Piano game
  43. Baby Room
  44. Motor Trail
  45. Tattoo Names
  46. Car Garage
  47. Japanese Garden
  48. House Terrace
  49. Skirt Design
  50. Yoga Meditation
  51. Shoe Rack
  52. Unique Tshirt
  53. Men’s Shoes
  54. TV Ruang Tamu
  55. Idea Glasses
  56. Fashion Muslim
  57. Bracelet
  58. Clothing Drawing
  59. Minimalist Kitchen
  60. Nail Art
  61. Ice Cream Stick
  62. Roof
  63. Children Clothes
  64. Home Sealing
  65. Palaces
  66. Living Room
  67. Bookshelf
  68. Knitted Baby
  69. Hair Paint
  70. Wall Decoration
  71. Paintings Mehndi
  72. Body Builder
  73. Couple Shirt S
  74. window design
  75. hijab style
  76. wing chun
  77. fencing technique
  78. learn to draw clothes and More

So be aware and think before installing these kinds of applications on your smartphone. You purchase costly and good smartphone then installs these kinds of applications and then after you say, my smartphone is not good, company cheated, it hangs a lot and blah blah.

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