Google two-factor authentication (2FA) device — Titan Security Key is now available for purchase through the Google Store. The Titan Security Key is for security conscious users. The key works as a physical second factor for verification.

The full kit of the two-factor authentication key is available at price $50 (roughly Rs. 3,500). The kit includes a USB key, a Bluetooth key and various connectors, according to the company.

The key was announced by Google in July for security conscious users. It allows a user to authenticate their logins over Bluetooth and USB. It offering significantly stronger security, more than a confirmation code.

“For those who want the strongest account protection, we’ve long advocated the use of security keys for 2 step verification,” Sam Srinivas, Director of Product Management, Google Cloud wrote in the blog post.

The Titan Security Keys full kits are available to U.S. customers on the Google Store and will be coming soon to additional regions.

“Google’s automated defenses securely block the overwhelming majority of sign-in attempts even if an attacker has your username or password, but we always recommend you enable two-step verification (2SV) to further protect your online accounts,” Srinivas added.

Titan Security Keys have extra “special sauce” from Google-firmware that’s embedded in its hardware chip within the key. It helps a user to verify that the key hasn’t been tampered with. It also works with popular browsers including Chrome and a growing ecosystem services including Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox and more.

The Titan Security Keys are also compatible with the “Advanced Protection Programme (APP)”. It is Google’s strongest security for users at high risk.

Google Cloud admins can also use the security key enforcement in G Suite, Cloud Identity and Google Cloud Platform.

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