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Helmet Movie Review 2021 Comedy Awareness With Laughter

Helmet Movie Review 2021: Years ago, John Abraham in Bollywood revolutionized a big social issue hidden behind a curtain in a comedy with Vicky Donor. While producing this film, John Abraham gave a unique diamond to Bollywood – Ayushmann Khurrana. Talking about sperm donation, Vicky Donor started a new chapter in the history of Hindi cinema.

Helmet Movie Review 2021

Now almost a decade later, actor Dino Morea, who is said to be John Abraham’s rival, has tried to present one such social issue in the exact same way, with Aparshakti Khurana, brother of Ayushmann Khurrana. Aparshakti, in the past, has won hearts in several films with his superb comic timing in supporting roles. The helmet is his first major commercial film as a lead actor. Abhishek Banerjee, Ashish Verma, and Pranutan Bahl are supporting Aparshakti Khurana in the film. But we will tell you how successful this film with director Satram Ramani is (Helmet Movie Review 2021). Helmet tries its best to be a social satire. Aparshakti Khurana delivers condom comedy with a smattering of laughs. But pierced condoms are in vain as much as this comedy film.

The Helmet story: Helmet Movie Review 2021

The helmet is the story of Lucky (Aparshakti Khurana) who is a singer in a band company and falls in love with Rupali (Pranutan Bahl), the niece of his boss. Both want to get married but Rupali has a relationship with a rich NRI guy and is lucky to have passed out. In such a situation, Lucky needs money so that he can marry Rupali, and to earn this money only entry is made in the film of condom which will become Brahmastra for Lucky in the film.

Helmet Movie Review 2021
Helmet Movie Review 2021

So ashamed of condoms

The film is set in a district of Uttar Pradesh where condom sales are extremely low because people are ashamed to ask for condoms. That’s why no one even mentions the name of detention. These people include Lucky and his two friends – Sultan (Abhishek Banerjee) and Minus (Ashish Verma). But when all three have a passion to earn money. And luck gives them a chance to become rich with the same thing that no one asks for everyone – condoms. How these three young boys remove their shame about condoms and how they make everyone in the habit of using condoms, removing the shame of the entire district, is the plot of the entire film.

Can’t save the film on helmet made of condom

Talk about the film’s Oneliner – If no one wants to be asked by everyone, then Satram Ramani has tried to erect the building of the entire film on the structure of this one line. This line is also so strong that a luxurious building could have stood on it. At the same time, the big door of this building is the condom, which has been given the name of the helmet in the film in a very spectacular way. These two things are enough to make the film a great social comedy. But Satram Ramani fails in the film despite using them.

Helmet Movie Review 2021
Helmet Movie Review 2021


The film is directed by Satram Ramani and the original screenplay is also his. But the foundation of the film i.e. its script is completely flat. The monotonous screenplay on an explosive issue like condoms does injustice to a heartbreaking level with a good and strong story. The story of the film is as strong as Satram Ramani makes it in the same dull way. There is no effect of any scene on you. Whenever there is talk of important issues in the film, by the time those scenes come, the film has become so cumbersome that you just want to end it.


Let’s talk about the main cast of the film – Ayushmann Khurrana, Pranutan Behl, Ashish Verma, and Abhishek Banerjee. Together, all four try to increase this film but nothing significant comes from anyone’s part. Perhaps it is better to blame the writer for this as all these four actors have already demonstrated their acting prowess in every project and have won the hearts of the audience. But in this film, it seems that the four actors are running directionlessly in the film and try hard to win the hearts of the audience but fail.

Helmet Movie Review 2021
Helmet Movie Review 2021

Supporting cast

The film is full of supporting actors. From Ashish Vidyarthi to Jameel Khan to Sharib Hashmi to Ranjan Raj. And all these actors try to tie this film with their experience but only two actors succeed in this. The first is Jameel Khan whom you must have seen in Sony’s series Gullak. In this film also Jameel Khan tries to win hearts in his small character and also succeeds.

Helmet Movie Review 2021

Technical side

The helmet is a light-hearted social film but there is no comedy in this film. Some scenes with Sanand Verma have turned out to be good but maybe it is only because of him being on screen. From the music of the film to the dialogues, everything is faded. On the other hand, if the film was tightened with editing, then perhaps it would have been able to keep the audience tied to some extent. Watch unlimited movies on Amazon Prime.

Helmet Movie Review 2021

Drama with emotion: Helmet Movie Review 2021

When comedy does not work in the film, then efforts are made to add other things to it. From drama to emotion. Not only this, an attempt is made to link the film with the statistics of the country’s national problem population explosion. Overall, such a khichdi is made in the film, so it is so tasteless that you will not even eat it under the compulsion of illness.

The Film is a complete failure

The helmet is a well-made film that could have been a good short film or a half-hour web episode. But in 1.30 hours, this film is neither able to present its issue in an entertaining way nor is it able to create awareness about the important issues regarding condoms. Whereas the film tries to do all this. There should not be anything related to this issue that has been missed in the film – from sex problems to overpopulation.

Helmet Movie Review 2021

Disappointing Movie: Helmet Movie Review 2021

Overall, Helmet is a very disappointing film on a good subject. The star cast of the film is good which will disappoint you through this film and it will make your heart sad to see these talented actors being wasted in this film. Movie 2 stars from our side.

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