iPhone 8 To Feature 3D Dual Front Cameras, LG invested $238.5 Million

iPhone 8 To Feature 3D, Dual Front Cameras with Selfie Portrait Mode


Since last year, Apple and LG Innotek are reportedly working together on a 3D facial recognition camera system that will not only work as a security feature but also it can be used on entertainment applications and augmented reality. LG has reportedly invested $238.5 million in a completely new facility for manufacturing the new 3D camera modules. LG has invested such a huge amount in a new facility for the 3D facial recognition camera for iPhone 8.

The new 3D camera will be smaller in size in comparison to the cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus. The 3D facial recognition camera would be able to sense depth and will be slotted on the front side of the upcoming iPhone.

A fresh rumor has emerged that the iPhone 8 would come with a dual camera setup up front which is capable of shooting 3D images. The dual cameras are also detailed to feature a special selfie portrait mode. This rumor emerged from Twitter.

The front camera is also said to have a 3D facial recognition technology developed by LG/Innotek which would make it the first smartphone in the world to have such.


Let’s hope all rumors go to the way. According to UBS analyst Steven Milunovich, the iPhone 8 could be priced at $870 for the base model while the top-end 256GB version would go up for as much as $1,070.

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