Lecoo Smart Router S1,Baby Monitor A1,Smart Camera R1 and S1

Lecoo Smart Router S1 Baby Monitor A1 Smart Camera R1 S1

Recently Lenovo has announced its entry into the smart home market. The company also announced that its smart home arm will be called Lecoo. It looks like the company has copied the name from LeEco smartphone brand. Instead of this, the company has launched Lecoo Smart Router S1, the Lecoo Baby Monitor A1, the LeCoo Smart Camera R1, and the Lecoo Smart Camera S1 under Lecoo brand.

Smart Router S1
The Leeco Smart Router S1 comes in a rose gold and white finish and it looks more attractive. It has four Skyworks signal antennas, supports dual-band WiFi. It offers up to 1200Mbps speeds.

Ther Router S1 includes a dual-core processor, 512MB RAM, and 32MB of storage. There is also a dedicated USB 3.0 port for adding more storage and also has a gigabit ethernet port. The Smart Router S1 is priced at ¥499 (~$80, approximately Rs 5,300).

Lecoo Baby Monitor A1
The Lecoo baby Monitor is a camera, comes with some cool features, it can identify certain expressions of a child as well as special moments and can also record them. The owner can easily access recorded clips and images later.

The Baby monitor A1 can rotate 360° horizontally and 100° vertically. It can record in 1080p, also has night vision and voice recognition features. There is a 4,000mAh built-in battery and a USB-C port for charging. User can either mount it on a wall or place on a surface.

Lenovo says don’t think about storage there is unlimited cloud storage available for users. The baby monitor is priced at ¥699 (~$111, approx Rs 7,300).

Lecoo Smart Camera S1 and R1
The Lecoo Smart Camera S1 and R1 comes with a similar design and functionality. But size matters – the difference between both, the S1 is smaller than the R1. Both the smart camera can record videos with the H.265 encoding and can also be paired with up to three other cameras which can all be monitored simultaneously on the app.

To keep privacy hidden, the movable part of the camera rotated downward to hide the lens in the shaft. You can wake it up with the button on the device or via the app.

Both cameras have microSD card support, a micro-USB port, and 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi support. The smaller version of the camera doesn’t support motion tracking, another differences between both.  The Lecoo Smart Camera R1 is priced at ¥299 (~$48, approximately Rs 3,200) and the S1 is priced at ¥199 (~$32, approximately Rs 2,100).

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