Meizu Filed Patent For Under-Display Front Camera

Meizu filed a patent in display front camera

Nowadays full-screen display smartphone is a trend, everyday smartphones display getting bigger and bigger. All the smartphones manufacturers are trying to shave off the bezels around the display because it looks very gorgeous. Meizu’s patent-

Meizu has filed a new patent for an under-display camera. At present to reduce the bezels of smartphones manufacturers add a notch on the upper part of the front panel for housing the front camera, the earpiece, and other important sensors.

meizu filed a patent in display front camera

Apple launched iPhone X with a notch display after it many smartphone manufacturers started adopting the design. Now Meizu found a better solution for a full-screen display. The patent shows an in-display camera which sits just under the same Graphene glass used for the display. The Graphene is used as a material to make the front panel because of its transparent nature which allows light to penetrate into the camera sensor. A light sensor and a proximity sensor which seems to be placed under the display.

The patent image clearly shows an earpiece stuck to the upper border of the front panel. After this solution, Meizu may launch devices to have a screen-to-body ratio very close to 100 percent.


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