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Oxygen Concentrator Buy Online Portable For Home India 2021

Buy Portable Oxygen Concentrator Online For Home: An Oxygen Concentrator is a medical equipment used in case of breathing-related illness. A concentrator is like an oxygen cylinder only with zero hassle of refilling. It basically sucks air from the environment, eliminates unwanted gases, concentrates oxygen which is taken in through a pipe by the patient. However, it should be used only in case of mild or moderate Covid-19 cases and strictly under medical supervision.

Our Top Selected Oxygen Concentrator

Premium: Healthgenie Oxygen Concentrator

This portable oxygen concentrator is designed to provide a nonstop flow of oxygen conveniently for patients at home. It easily fulfills a patient’s clinical needs to maintain quality of life and independence. Oxygen Concentrator HG-503 can provide continuous physical enrich oxygen supply upto 93±3% between 1-5LPM and Adjustable oxygen concentration- supply continuous flow 1-5L/min adjustable. The device comes with 24 Months off-site warranty and is certified with CE and ISO certifications.

Best Overall: Yuwell Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The precision compressor is made with German technology and has a service life of over 30,000 hours. The device comes with a 2-year warranty. The purity of Oxygen is above 90% even at 5 Liters/minute flow rate.

Lightweight: DetelPro Yobekan Oxygen Concentrator

The weight of this lightweight portable oxygen concentrator is only 7kg. This product will have more than 90% oxygen purification at 1 Ltrs. This Concentrator also provides 1-7 Litres of Oxygen with reduced purification. It has upto 96% Oxygen concentration.

Looking for Best Portable Oxygen Concentrator To Buy Online In India On Amazon?

Covid-19 transmission shows the value of oxygen and is also taught to respect nature and save them. In this epidemic, thousands of people died due to a lack of oxygen. That’s why an oxygen concentrator becomes one of the most needed devices to survive in this kind of situation. It is natural for you to look for the best product that offers the best result as well.

To make your search easier and comfortable for you, we tested many oxygen concentrators and provided reviews to easily buy an ideal one according to budget and requirements.

List of 7 Best Portable Oxygen Concentrator To Buy Online In India 2021

Details Of Best Portable Oxygen Concentrator In India Buy Online

Oxygen Concentrator Buy Online Portable For Home India 2021

1. Owgel Oxygen Concentrator | Check On Amazon

Oxygen Concentrator Buy Online

Owgel Oxygen Concentrator is a 5 liters oxygen concentrator available to buy online. The device offers 93% purity there is a purity check display so you can easily check it. It comes with 6 months of warranty. The noise level of this device is really impressive i.e. less than 50dB only. It allows you to adjust the flow rate of oxygen from 1 to 5L per minute. It comes with 40-60KPa oxygen pressure.

2. GELE GE1 Oxygen Concentrator | Check On Amazon

GELE GE1 Oxygen Concentrator (5L) Oxygen Concentrator Buy Online

GELE GE1 Oxygen Concentrator is a weighted oxygen concentrator device. Its Nett weight is 24kg. The device produces 5L, more than 90% pure oxygen per minute. It is easy to use oxygen concentrator and also packs some good features like a low oxygen concentration alarm and power failure alarm system. It has a 1 yeas warranty. This Oxygen Concentrator is also available to buy online.

3. Xtore Portable Oxygen Concentrator | Check On Amazon

Oxygen Concentrator Buy Online

Xtore portable and adjustable Oxygen Concentrator is a compact and easy-to-use device available to buy online. The flow of this oxygen concentrator is 1L to 6L per minute and flow is also adjustable. Come with all the accessories that you would need. It makes very little noise for your comfortable sleep. The device has also a 1-year warranty on the oxygen flow pump.

4. Hesley Oxygen Concentrator | Check On Amazon

Hesley Oxygen Concentrator is a medical oil-free compressor. It is composed of the main device, humidification water tank, remote controller, and nebulization device. The weight of this product is 16.5kgs. It takes upto 14 minutes from the start of the operation to reach an oxygen concentrator level of 90%.

There are two functions on the machine and two outlets on the panel for which, one is for oxygen intake in the form of a green pipe and the other is nebulization with a mask. Both pipe and mask come with the box. This oxygen concentrator is very easy to use and easy to clean. It comes with a remote for easy operation.

5. Carent Best Oxygen Machine | Check On Amazon

Carent Best Oxygen Machine is a smart device and is available to buy online. It offers a one-button operation and an elegant design. The oxygen concentrator offers subtle oxygen supply fresh oxygen with negative ions continuously for 48 hours. It comes with an LED display that clearly shows the flow of oxygen, relative humidity. The noise reduction technology makes its operation smooth and silent. You can adjust the flow from 1L to 7L per minute.

6. Carent TTLIFE Oxygen Concentrator | Check On Amazon

Carent TTLIFE Oxygen Concentrator available to buy online is an adjustable device. It supplies 1L to 5L continuous flow. The device offers high efficient lithium sieve, strong adsorption, high oxygen yield, strong stability. The measured noise of this oxygen concentrator is as low as 42dB only. There is a large intelligent color control panel on the top of the device, so you can check flow regulation, voice broadcast function, timer operation function. It comes with an infrared remote control that makes it easier and more convenient to operate.

7. DetelPro Yobekan Oxygen Concentrator | Buy Online Amazon

DetelPro Yobekan Oxygen Concentrator is a high efficient oil-free compressor. It offers fast oxygen output and low noise. This device is highly suitable for the sub-health population, elderly and pregnant women. It can improve immunity, sleep, and energy. This Oxygen Concentrator is available to buy online.

Factors To Keep In Mind Before You Buy Oxygen Concentrator Online

Capacity: The oxygen concentrators mostly come in two sizes – 5L and 10L. A 10L is always better than 5L capacity concentrators.

Oxygen flow: Continuous oxygen flow and pulse dose oxygen flow concentrator. A continuous flow concentrator maintains a constant flow of oxygen irrespective of whether the patient is breathing in or not. Pulse dose concentrators detect a change in the air pressure and accordingly flow oxygen doses. Pulse dose can help in short-term illness but for maintaining saturation for a week or month, in the case of Covid-19, you would need a continuous flow one.

Concentration level: Some concentrators provide you with air that has 87% oxygen, while others promise the same up to 93%. It is always best to go with the one that can give around 93% oxygen concentration.

Portability & warranty: Home oxygen concentrators are ideal for patients at home. They have to be directly plugged into a wall socket. Portable concentrators are comparatively smaller but ideal for patients who have to travel or need to be taken to the hospital.

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Conclusion: Oxygen Concentrator Buy Online Portable For Home India 2021

Living and having to depend on supplemental oxygen is not something anyone would willingly choose to do, POC’s (portable oxygen concentrators) have really changed people’s lives. The much greater range of activities that can now be practiced, together with increased mobility in general, have had a very positive impact on long-term oxygen therapy patients. So this concludes the topic for Best Oxygen Concentrator Buy Online Portable For Home India 2021. >>Check Deals On Amazon<<

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