Samsung Flip Phone SM-G9298 Leaked

Samsung Flip Phone SM-G9298 Leaked


A mysterious Samsung smartphone with the model number of SM-G9298 had recently received certification from Federal Communications Commission (FCC) at the end of the previous week.

leaked image, it can be understood that the phone does not feature any sensor above the screen. it seems to be a flip phone. Speculations suggest that it could be a successor of the SM-W2017 flip phone from Samsung that was launched last year.

Other rumors hint that it could be the first foldable smartphone from Samsung that is dubbed as Galaxy X by the rumor mill.

the flip phone shown in the leaked image is driven by Snapdragon 821 chipset and it carries support for wireless charging. The WFA certification of the phone revealed that it is running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS.


The new SM-G9298 will mostly likely roll out as a successor of SM-G9198. the SM-G9298 is speculated to release in the Q3 2017. The SM-G9198 was the first phone from Samsung to be powered by Snapdragon 808 chipset.


The SM-G9298 could be the first smartphone from the company to be fueled by Snapdragon 821, the next best chipset after Snapdragon 835. Since the device has been certified by FCC in the U.S., it seems that the South Korean company is prepping up a new flip phone for its U.S. fans.


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