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Solid Wood Bed With Storage Solimo India 2021

Solid Wood Bed With Storage Solimo Queen Size

The minimalist design of the Solid Wood Bed With Storage Solimo Queen Size including a chic walnut finish makes it a flexible piece of furniture that enhances a spread of interiors. The top quality engineered wood used in making the bed that adds durability and sturdiness and is tested to be moisture resistant. Its space-conscious construction includes a box-shaped container for added utility and has smooth edges to scale back the probabilities of scratches and injuries. The bed undergoes over 20 safety and quality checks and is freed from toxins and harmful chemicals for added safety. It’s been tested to support up to 360kg of payload and comes with a 3-year warranty on manufacturing defects.

Read through the article to know more about the bed including which one is better a wood bed or metal bed.


This Solid Wood Bed With Storage Solimo Queen Size has dimensions of 205cm (length) x 160cm (width) x 83cm (height ). It is made with European standard particle board with an elegant design and premium walnut finish that is resistant to humidity and stains. It also offers wide storage space with spacious box storage for storing clothes, toys, linens, etc. The Solid Wood Bed With Storage has fully tested for dynamic loading tests over 21,000 cycles for durability and 10,000 cycles for edge stability. The load-bearing capacity of this bed is 360kgs which provides proper support. It is completely free from burrs & sharp edges for enhanced safety. The Solid Wood Bed With Storage is made free of toxins or harmful chemicals to promise safe usage. It also comes with a 3-year warranty on manufacturing defects.


Solid Wood Bed With Storage Solimo Queen Size features a modern, minimalistic design which makes it compatible with a good range of interiors. the fashionable color and curvilinear shape of the bed frame and headboard, further enhance its appearance, making it a perfect addition to any bedroom. So, the overall look and quality are great of this Solid Wood Bed With Storage.


Which one is better Wood Bed or Metal Bed?

If you’re looking for loft beds or bunk beds, a great choice is wood over metal. Counting on the general look and size you would like, you will need to settle on a bed that’s built differently. While both materials are sturdy and safe, many of us choose metal or wood when trying to find the optimal bed for space.

Most older bunk beds are made from wood and it’s generally easier to form changes and safety improvements. Additionally, wooden bunk beds can easily be fixed, painted, stripped, or stained to make a totally different search for different tastes.

Metal bunk beds are usually made up of tubular metal and meant to be a classic sort of bedding for kids. What percentage times have you ever seen a red or bearing metal bunk during a child’s bedroom? Metal bunk beds made in recent years are built consistent with established safety requirements, but if the security requirements aren’t up to par, the changes are far more difficult to form.

When watching loft beds, the newer and sleeker beds are made up of metal. Plus, metal loft beds take up less space so tight spaces aren’t further violated by bulky metal creations. Also, metal beds leave a greater amount of decoration than wooden beds, in order that they are very fashionable with the feminine crowd. Plus, a change a la mode requires nothing quite a can of paint within the new and improved color.

Wooden loft beds are mostly related to college dorms, where loft beds built two by four are king. These beds are often found around every corner on campus during the day they move in, so keep your money on things like books and buy a second-hand loft bed. The upside of a wooden loft bed is that you’re going to save tons of cash on paper!

Whatever sort of bunk or loft bed you select to shop for, confirm the bed is secure. It doesn’t matter if you’re two, twelve, or twenty, safety remains important once you entrust your physical safety while you sleep. A teenager can get out of bed even as easily as a toddler, so confirm all beds have proper railings and safety precautions. Generally, the selection between wooden and metal bunk beds or loft beds is totally personal and depends on the space and elegance.

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