Most Wear OS smartwatches are fundamentally quite similar, but Mobvoi – the company behind the TicWatch S and TicWatch E – has just announced one that could stand out, as it has two screens.

Called the TicWatch Pro, this wearable has both a standard circular OLED display and an FSTN LCD screen. The LCD display is a low power black and white one that sits on top of the OLED screen and when it’s not on it’s transparent, so you can fully see the OLED display underneath it.

The idea is that when you’re interacting with the watch it will use the OLED display, and when you’re not using it the OLED screen will turn off and the LCD display will activate, so you can still see the time without it using as much power.

Of course, Wear OS watches already have always-on screens that switch to a low power mode when you’re not interacting with them, but the TicWatch Pro’s approach could save even more energy, as the watch apparently offers around two days of battery life, which is above average for a smartwatch.

The TicWatch Pro’s top screen is transparent when not in use

Essential power

But it can go even further, as there’s also an Essential Mode, which rather than just turning off the OLED screen completely shuts off the Wear OS part of the watch.

Getting Wear OS up and running again apparently takes around a minute, but in this mode, you can get up to 30 days of life, and while most of the smart features are disabled, the TicWatch Pro can still track your steps and heart rate.

All that aside, the TicWatch Pro looks to be a fairly standard Wear OS device, though it’s worth noting that it has NFC, so you can make contactless payments, and in the US a model with LTE might be launched.

Exact pricing and launch details are yet to be confirmed, as so far it has only been announced for China, but we should know more soon, as according to The Verge, the TicWatch Pro is set to land sometime this summer for under $300 (around £225 / AU$400).

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