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Top 3 Electric Kettle Auto Turn Off Buy India 2020

Top 3 Electric Kettle India 2020

Electric Kettle is one of the easy to use Home and Kitchen Appliance. The electric Kettle instantly boils water or milk and prepare coffee or tea within a few minutes. I think it is one of the most used appliances after Grinder Mixer in Home or kitchen. But these days there’re lots of electric kettles are available in the market that’s why it is hard to find the best electric kettle. So today I’m here to help you best electric kettle. In this article, I’ll tell you the Top 3 Electric Kettle in India 2020.

3 Best Electric Kettle India 2020

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Top 3 Best Electric Kettle Reviews India

1) Prestige Electric Kettle PKOSS

Top 3 Electric Kettle
  • 1.5L capacity
  • Elegant handles with single-touch lid locking
  • Automatic cut-off
  • Concealed element
  • Power indicator
  • 360-degree swivel base

Make hot water, instant tea, etc. In a few minutes with a prestigious electric kettle. With smart features like automatic cutting, single-touch lid locking, ergonomically designed handle, elegant body, etc., this glamorously designed electric kettle is an indispensable accessory for your modern kitchen.


Auto Cut-Off

The automatic cut-off function cuts off the power supply, when the internal temperature exceeds the desired levels, protects the appliance from damage, making it safe and also improves its duration. This function prevents the consumption of excess power and electricity.

Instant Boiling

The 1500 W power makes boiling more efficient than the hob and microwave. Large capacity (1.5 liters) suitable for the whole family, the water reaches a full boil within 5-6 minutes and will be ready for use for tea, coffee, pasta, hot chocolate, oatmeal, instant soup, and so on.


Spout design for easy pouring with a reusable and removable perforated stainless steel filter that filters water while pouring.

Power Indicator

This Kettle has an illuminated power light that illuminates when the power is on and darkens when the power is off.

Single touch-lid locking

The single-touch-lid locking mechanism ensures rapid sealing to prevent steam from escaping and boiling water in no time. Thus making it energy saving.

360 degree swivel base

The swivel power base allows you to connect in any direction and position you want. Power is available at the contact point, only when the unit is overheated. The Kettle can be removed from its base of force for proper and limited use. The cord wind can be used to shorten the length of the rope by avoiding the required distance at the opening point.

2) Croma CRAK3055 Electric Kettle

Top 3 Electric Kettle
  • Boils water in just 2-3 minutes
  • 1.7L Capacity
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Easy filling and serving
  • 360-degree cord
  • Handy and portable.

Make tea or coffee with ease with this handy electric kettle that has a 360-degree rotating base with a laid-out cord. The capacity of 1.7 liters allows you to make enough tea or coffee for yourself and your friends. With this handy teapot, you can also make some light noodles to eat if you need a quick snack!


  • 360-degree Rotating Base with Cord Storage
  • Concealed Heating Element
  • Water Level Indicator
  • 1.7-liter Capacity
  • Cool Touch Handle

Concealed Heating Element

This kettle comes with a built-in heating element that keeps the electric stovetop open so you can make it without burning the gas! Choose safety and comfort with this electric Kettle from Croma!

Cool Touch Handle

Equipped with a cold touch handle, this kettle takes your safety very seriously. The cold touch handle stays cool even when the kettle is boiling, which protects you from various injuries when working with the kettle.

3) HAVELLS Aqua Plus Electric Kettle

Top 3 Electric Kettle
  • Auto Cut-Off
  • Stainless steel filter
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • No Plastic
  • Energy-saving
  • Cool Touch outer body
  • NO scalding Hazard
  • Wide mouth
  • Easy filling, Pouring, and Cleaning

The Havells electric kettle is definitely effective when it comes to its operation. In addition, you do not need a gas cylinder to make a cup of tea or coffee. Its durability makes it a desirable choice for hotels, hotel owners, people, patients who sometimes need boiled water, and people with babies who need hot water again and again. Of course, an electric kettle is a lifeline for many people with different needs. 

So this concludes the topic for Top 3 Electric Kettle Auto Turn Off Buy India 2020.

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