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Top Accident Lawyer Los Angeles Better Life USA 2021

Top Accident Lawyer Los Angeles Better Life. Los Angeles Police record about 20,000 hit and run accidents every year, leaving accident victims with the bill for repair costs and expensive injuries. Unfortunately, many hit-and-run drivers are not caught, but victims may still be entitled to compensation for their injuries.

Top Accident Lawyer Los Angeles Better Life USA 2021
Top Accident Lawyer Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, several California Supreme Court decisions have held that motorists can be held legally liable for causing an accident resulting in damages that exceed $75,000. These cases illustrate the difficulty of tracking down the hit-and-run driver behind the wheel, as well as how California’s civil tort system can provide a modicum of hope for victims after a bad hit-and-run accident.

Judy and Mike McNicholas purchased their 2001 Toyota Camry for $18,000 in 2002. The 4-year-old vehicle held plenty of value, and they were going on their first camping trip with their son in March 2004 when they were rear-ended by a Nissan Altima.

The impact left both Mr. McNicholas and his son with serious but avoidable injuries. “The impact… was quite a melee,” Mike McNicholas, who was 18 at the time, recalled. “My front windscreen was completely torn apart… My straps and jack expanded like Kleenex when it hit.” Mr. McNicholas lost an ear as well as the use of both hands. The car also sustained significant body damage.

Fortunately, the hospital on-lookers under the influence of alcohol did not administer Life Saving for Mr. McNicholas, and he was able to return to work three months after the accident. However, he had a terrible time getting care for his injury. His employer required him to take two weeks off of work in order to care for his broken jaw and fractured left arm. Mark McNicholas, who was an executive at a local law firm, said, “The home office was having a difficult time finding an attorney to take on the case because lawyers are getting paid very well these days.”

When Mr. McNicholas visited L.A. County in March, he tried to get information about compensation. However, he learned that traditional insurance policies do not cover bodily injury resulting from a hit-and-run, and phone calls to several accident attorneys proved fruitless. “There seems to be no fixed answer to my questions,” Mr. McNicholas said. He tried the Los Angeles County’s accident hotline but was told there were too many calls to deal with.

Mr. McNicholas also went to the L.A. Police department to see if they’d be able to help. The Division of Traffic Accidents investigated and found that a hit-and-run driver damaged the car’s bumper and fled the scene. A few days later, the driver was arrested, but two months later the case was dropped.

The McNicholas family attorney, Alice Wong, is familiar with the Los Angeles accident system, having advocated on behalf of her own family after being involved in a previous hit-and-run accident.

Accident Lawyer (all accident lawyers are not lawyers) provides contact information for the Los Angeles Police Department, their Crash Reporting Unit and their Accident and Liability Bureau. The attorney may also be able to suggest a reasonable compensation from the motorist’s insurance carrier. The information may help the family pursue a lawsuit against the driver. The formality of filing a report with the police can be the best insurance instead of the right to file a lawsuit. It becomes the victim’s responsibility to report to the police, which may sometimes turn out to be the most hassle for the victim!

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Attorney Artem Russakovski has seen this happen to more than one client I have represented. An innocent driver who enters a driveway to pick up a package, or even just a crash victim who was being investigated by the police, could wind up with an insurance claim from their damaged vehicle.

“An accident victim sending the claim is like sending flowers to a prison cell. It’s not right.”

Should you cover the cost of your own accident? The key is evaluating the extent of your damages and determining the extent to which the other driver was at fault. The grounds for compensation are:

The attorney can handle your case for free, or you can pay your own way. Either way, you’re better off if you do it yourself.

Legal liability for any damages resulting from a traffic accident, whether caused by the driver or any other person, is governed by state and federal laws. If you are a driver and you injure or death a pedestrian on a public road or highway, you can be held liable under California law.

“If you break the law, you are responsible. You should know the rules that protect other drivers.”

If you have been involved in a traffic crash and have insurance, you are generally not required to provide any evidence to police other than your word that you witnessed the accident. You are required to let the police interview your potential witnesses and allow them to take photographs or other physical evidence. Equally, you are not required to report any damage to the vehicle you were driving at the time of the collision.

If you have injuries that necessitate medical attention, however, that is not true. In most states, you must provide physical evidence from which a medical professional can determine the extent of your injuries. Any evidence you offer the police must be in writing or on a recording device so that it is easily preserved as evidence.

“The law is very clear that if you’re in an accident and you are injured, you are required to seek medical attention. Also, you could be held liable for other people’s injuries if you don’t seek medical attention.”

If you lie to the police or any other party, this could hurt your chances of receiving compensation for your injuries. An innocent driver, who might just like to get on with their life, might not have time to interview witnesses and preserve evidence in a timely manner.

“Often, people don’t realize their insurance company may be responsible for damages caused by an accident, even intentional ones.

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