Vivo Working on TOF 3D Sensing Technology

At MWC Shanghai 2018 on Wednesday Vivo has announced its new Time of Flight (TOF) 3D Sensing Technology.  This technology can capture 3D info with 300,000 sensor points. The Chinese company continuously working on developing a new technology. Now, this newest technology can enable new opportunities in facial, gesture, and motion recognition.

This new technology has a potential to bring 3D photography and augmented reality (AR) to new levels. Vivo claims that its new TOF 3D Sensing Technology offers more advanced experience. It can detect the time takes to emitted pulse light to come back to the sensor. And this also allows mapping object by enabling 3D mapping at up to three meters from the phone. And that is called “structured light”.

TOF 3D Sensing technology works through the camera, allows capturing the depth and 3D information about people and objects. This technology will be very useful for several appliances, such as AR, imaging and human-machine interaction. So this technology will be useful to scan lesson props for education, or even help scan critical parts of the body for medical purposes.

“By combining TOF 3D Sensing Technology with AI, we will continue to explore new possibilities for a better future,” said Alex Feng, Senior Vice President of Vivo, in a press release while announcing the latest development.

According to Vivo, this technology is even superior to the Structured Light technology. Vivo’s technology also uses to beautify selfies after scanning the user’s face. Not only for the beautified selfie, it can even apply virtual clothes to the user.

You can download high-resolution event and product images of Vivo at MWC Shanghai 2018 at this link:

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