WhatsApp Reveals Encrypting iCloud Backups


WhatsApp has increased the security offered by the app while backing up data on Apple’s iCloud storage service through encryption. However, as it turns out, a Russia-based forensics firm claims to have already found a workaround for the newly added encryption.

As per a report by Forbes, WhatsApp introduced a new feature last year that encrypts the data uploaded by the user onto iCloud and thereby increases the security offered through the platform further.

According to Vladimir Katalov, CEO of a rival firm Elcomsoft, when users enter the verification code required by the application while uploading data to iCloud, WhatsApp creates a unique encryption key that is then used to encrypt the backup data, Forbes reports.

It can definitely be seen as a step in right direction from the company after it introduced end-to-end encryption on text-based chats last year. However, we might need to figure out if the Facebook-owned company has already introduced some more security features that we are still unaware about.

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