There’s a new sensation on the Internet as a Momo Challenge. If you remember the ‘Blue Whale Challenge’,  from last year, an online suicide game. The Blue Whale Challenge was blamed for the death of several children all over the world. Now, a similar new Momo Challenge is reportedly being linked to the death of a 12-year-old girl in Argentina. The new scary viral trend has reportedly swept the Internet for kids and parents are being warned against the “game”.

What is Momo Challenge?

Momo challenge is a new ‘suicide’ game that has gone viral on the WhatsApp. In this scary challenge, the sculpture’s picture uses to send challenges to teenagers.

Cyber Experts Views

India Today reported views of cyber experts that reveals “there is no such game as the Momo challenge and that only a picture is being used to steal people’s personal information”.

According to Cyber expert, Ritesh Bhatia, he performed an experiment to see how the game interacts. He tried to contacts the administrators of the WhatsApp groups from three countries, Japan, Colombia, and Mexico. But he found all the numbers are inactive.

image source: India Today

According to him “Momo is neither a challenge nor a game. It’s simply a hoax that should not be given any importance because that can lead to morbid curiosity. I personally investigated the three numbers from Japan, Colombia and Mexico and all three numbers are inactive.”

He also added “Momo is nothing but a sculpture of “Mother bird” made by a Japanese artist and displayed in Tokyo’s horror art Vanilla Gallery. Some miscreants made wrong use of this image and have been trying to scare a few people. Do not entertain any such miscreant. One should immediately block and report people who are trying to threaten you.”


Metro News also reported that the Momo Challenge uses artwork that shows a woman with scary features similar to the ‘Blue Whale’. The Momo Challenge also force participants to follow certain “orders” and asked to communicate with an unknown number. If players refuse, they are threatened with violent images.

A YouTuber shared the link of the sculpture being displayed at Tokyo’s horror art Vanilla Gallery in 2016.

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