Xiaomi Mi 6 Jackie Chan Limited Edition

Xiaomi Mi 6 Jackie Chan Limited Edition

Xiaomi has announced a Jackie Chan Limited Edition of its latest Snapdragon 835 powered flagship – Xiaomi Mi 6. The new Mi 6 Jackie Chan Limited edition is released to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Jackie Chan stunt team.The new Edition of Xiaomi’s best smartphone yet is meant to pay tribute to a legendary martial arts actor. 

Jackie Chan is a well-known celebrity actor popular all over the world. He was awarded an honorary Oscars for his works over the years in November last year.

The new Mi 6 edition has a unique gift box which is designed with Jackie’s autograph at the front. The Mi 6 wasn’t unboxed for us to see if the autograph is also stamped on the back of the Mi 6 itself but a group photo of Jackie Chan and his entire stunt team has the “Shot on Mi 6” watermark.

The configuration isn’t revealed but the new edition could have the same specs as the Mi 6 as well, with perhaps, a Jackie Chan themed set of wallpapers onboard.


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