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Best Security Camera Home Blurams Siren India 2024

Home security cameras have evolved a lot and these days they are equipped with smart features. There are many options, from high-quality video, night vision to motion detection and a siren alarm, compatibility with smart assistants, and more. Buying the right camera, however, may have several cameras available in the market. So, to make your life easier, we have decided to list the 3 best security camera for home from Blurams.

Here’s the list of Best Security Camera for Home.

3 Best Security Camera Home Blurams Siren Reviews India

1) Blurams Dome Pro Best Security Camera for Home

Best Security Camera for Home
  • Smart real-time alerts
  • Receive notifications on your SmartPhone
  • Select a specific area
  • Activate the automatic cruise mode
  • Scan a wider area
  • Nocturnal Vision
  • 2MP CMOS sensor
  • 1/27 inch provides clear night vision
  • Night vision a range of 16.4 ft
  • Hands-free calling with two-way audio
  • Works with Wi-Fi networks 2.4 GHz
  • 24/7 1080p FULL HD 1080P
  • Wide-angle lens 122 ° combined with 355 ° horizontal and 105 ° vertical rotation
  • Full 360 ° coverage
  • Auto-Cruise maintains a controlled area 360 ° horizontally
  • Perfect for large areas

Smart night vision

With the built-in IR-Cut, Blurams Home Pro automatically provides night vision at night from 22 feet into night vision mode.

Cruise mode

The new automatic cruise mode offers a width of 360º, which allows you to scan and monitor the room. Access the camera and check what is happening in the room.

Bi-directional audio

With the built-in microphone and speaker, you can listen to everything that happens when you talk to anyone in the same room with the camera.

Smart AI Human Detection

You can take immediate action alerts if someone breaks into the home, thanks to Siren and One-touch calling.

Get Blurams Cloud

  • One-month free cloud trial
  • 24/7 continuous recording
  • A quick search of event
  • Flexible cloud service plan

2) Blurams Home Pro Security Camera for Home

Best Security Camera for Home
  • Smart real-time alert
  • Receive notifications on your SmartPhone
  • Detects motion sounds or to a specific person
  • Know in real-time what is the happening
  • Works only with Wi-Fi networks 2.4 GHz
  • 24 /7-1080p FHD
  • 131 ° FOV
  • Advanced Night Vision technology
  • Two-way audio
  • Hands-free calls
  • Voice command

Blurams App

You can easily simultaneously access to 4 cameras in the app Blurams or on the official website. You can add up to 4 cameras from the app for full surveillance of each so that no area of ​​the house remains safe.

Privacy Protection

Blurams A10C allows you to choose a zone you wish to block entirely, Blurams Home pro will blur it to protect your privacy and offer enough comfort.

Select Specific Area

You can highlight important areas in the camera view, such as doors, windows, or cribs, and get special alerts when something happens.

Quick Search

Want to find that funny thing your baby did? You can find what you’re looking for in seconds through events type without dig through videos.

Including Smart Night vision (above described) it has some more advanced features.

Catch Every Moment

The Blurams security camera decorates your room with an elegant, simple design and turns every moment into a stunning video with 1080p HD resolution. See clearly the data on your smartphone by zooming in 4 times.

Two-way Audio

A unique, built-in microphone and speaker with noise reduction function allow you to know the real situation in the house and communicate flexibly with your loved ones or enemies.

Smart Cloud Search

Using human recognition technology to search for images in the Blurams Cloud, it automatically detects any relevant records and allows you to view them directly.

3) Blurams Home Lite Security Camera for Home

Best Security Camera for Home
  • Smart security camera
  • Records a 10-15 seconds alert video when it detects Human
  • Access the past 24 hours of alert video clips
  • Stay Connected 24/7
  • 720p FHD, 101° FOV live stream
  • Advanced Night Vision
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Hands-free calling
  • Voice command
  • Easy to set up
  • Works with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks

The smart Best Security Camera for Home records a 10-15 second alert video when it finds a person, sound, or motion, and you can watch, download and share the last 24 hours of free videos in the cloud for life.

Smart Human Detection

The Blurams Home Lite Security camera records a short video clip when motion is detected and a notification is sent to the smartphone. If you want to save the videos or share them with others, you can download the videos to your phone.

This Best Security Camera for Home also has those features that have in above mentioned both cameras.

Blurams Siren Works with Alexa or Google Assistant

The best feature comes with the Best Security Camera for Home so you can control the security camera with a simple voice command. Ask Alexa to set up Blurams cameras and show them anywhere. To make the firmware work with Alexa, update it to the latest version, which can be updated directly in the Blurams program.

30 days of free storage in the cloud & Technical Assistance

Buy above mentioned Best Security Camera for Home and enjoy the limited time offers that allow you to access the Blurams cloud (cloud) for a limited time of one month. You can also take advantage of the benefits available to Blurams Cloud.

Blurams Siren Offers Optional Cloud Storage

All models of Blurams cameras have a one-month trial period in the cloud. This allows you to archive videos around the clock for 7 days, create and share clips. you can easily access via Alexa and Google Home and respond to alerts without unlocking your phone by supporting a siren or phone.

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