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Why TCL? Read On To Know The Answer

Augmenting Consumer Entertainment: How TCL keeps customers entertained with its smart and affordable TV offerings

From the mechanical TVs of the 90s to the LCD sets and now standing at the age of smart TVs, one thing is pretty clear that this device has remained an underrated innovation for many years. However, with the advent of cutting-edge technologies introduced by both new and old players in this space, we can say that TVs have now become the prime source of entertainment for new-age consumers, after smartphones. Read to know more about TCL TV.

TCL is one such brand that has successfully cemented its position as one of the leaders in the Indian TV market by manufacturing smart TVs that perfectly fit consumer needs without hurting their pockets. But what makes it the world’s top 2 TV brand and gives it an edge over others? In short, why TCL? Well, without much ado, let’s check it out:

Quality and Affordability

A customer often looks for both these aspects before buying a TV. However, when you focus on quality, you usually end up shortlisting high-budget TVs that simply surpass your budget. Similarly, when you only prioritize affordability, your list of options cuts down to 2-3 TV sets that unfortunately don’t offer everything you are looking for. But fret not! Because TCL TVs are designed and meant to fulfill this demand. Yes, with a mix of both quality and affordability, the TCL kitty offers a large pool of options ranging from full HD TVs to 4K AI Ultra HD TVs and more. It means, there is something for everyone, doesn’t matter which class s/he belongs to.

TCL’s recently launched full HD Android LED TV, starting at INR 18,449 is a testimony to the above statement. It offers features such as smart volume that automatically adjusts the TV’s volume and eliminates the sound fluctuations that often occurs while switching channels. It also comes with a micro dimming feature that regulates the brightness and darkness according to the background to provide a truly immersive viewing experience to users. Coming to design, the smart TV looks super slim and can blend well in the living room, thereby augmenting your home interior like never before.

Moving on to a little bit higher segment yet the most affordable so far made by TCL which starts at INR 45,990 for the entry 50-inch 4K QLED variant. Some of the KSPs of this stunning beauty is:

Hands-free voice control

While most brands offer a voice command feature in their TV remotes in this price segment, TCL has delivered hands-free voice control within the same price, standing ahead of peers. While other users still have to use remotes as a mic for giving commands, TCL consumers can simply perform the same by speaking freely into the air without a remote. The far-field voice recognition accurately catches the user’s voice and plays their favorite TV show or web series or anything that they simply command. So, even if you lose the remote, your TV will listen to you and play your favorite channels.

Quantum Dot Technology

This feature enables the TV to offer a wide colour gamut to users, which otherwise was not possible a few years back. Users can thus see and differentiate a wide array of colours that the TV produces while watching their favourite movies, action scenes, etc., for a more seamless and life-like viewing experience. Put merely, TCL TVs create and deliver colours in their original forms; so that blues won’t look purple-ish, reds won’t look orange-ish, and greens won’t look yellow-ish.

The brand has also launched its flagship model, TCL 8K QLED recently, which comes under the premium kitty, priced at INR 2,99,990 for the single 75-inch variant. The first 8K UHD TV by the brand that produces content across 33 million pixels with extraordinary details. Other advanced features that this model include is:

IMAX Enhanced

With this elite recognition, TCL X915 meets the highest level of standards in terms of colour, contrast, clarity and sound. The feature which was previously found in some theatres only is now available in-home entertainment space with TCL. This certification enables consumers to enjoy the highest quality 4K HDR streaming content with fully immersive IMAX signature audio output. In short, it ensures that consumers experience the filmmaker’s vision in whatever content they consume from the TCL TVs.

To augment the work from home experience for professionals, the TV also sports a retractable pop-up camera, enabling users to conduct video calls with colleagues or chat with family on a much larger screen. For audio, it has Onkyo soundbars, one of the best in the market, to offer users high-quality audio output while watching their favourite channels.

While these USPs are the main reasons behind the brand’s success in the TV domain, the panel factory along with the in-house supply chain and R&D center further strengthens its position in the market and helps it cater to the changing consumer needs more seamlessly. Since its inception, the brand has strived to create the best in class smart TVs for new-age consumers. It continues to follow the same approach by innovating its existing product portfolio and delivering the latest entertainment solutions to users in the times to come.

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