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Best Clay Cooking Pot Under 1000 rupees India 2021

Best Clay Cooking Pot Under Rs 1000

Best Clay Cooking Pot Under 1000 rupees: These are the best clay pots for your kitchen, now you will get more taste in the food.

Best Clay Cooking Pot Under 1000 rupees for home

Best Clay Cooking Pot Under 1000 rupees India 2021

Technology has changed many changes in our life as well as in the way we live and we must have seen some such changes in our kitchens where technology has taken all the place now. Earlier people used to eat food in earthen pots and cook food on the stove, but now the same place has been taken by gas, microwave, non-stick Tawa, and different types of quality utensils. Clay pot used to have great importance in earlier times because it used to have many health benefits, so in this report, we are going to tell you some special clay/clay pottery options which have many benefits for cooking and These will also fit in your budget.

Craftsman India Clay Cooking Pot (Price Rs 649)

You can also check out the clay embroidery from Craftsman India as the brand is known for its quality products. You will get this kadhai in the size of 1 liter which is the best fit for small families, along with this you can also use it for making biryani, dal, khichdi, Pongal, curry, pulav, and meat/vegetables.

There are many benefits of eating food in a clay pot such as you get all the phosphorus, magnesium, and many other minerals. It is made by hand so you can get their shape a little differently. It is completely organic in which the essential elements of your food also remain intact and you get healthy food. You can use this kadhai comfortably in the oven as well and it is also very easy to clean, if you want, you can clean it by hand or even in the dishwasher. You will get it in red color and its online price is Rs 649.

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Swareshi Blessings Clay Cooking Pot (Price Rs.999)

Now we tell you about the Swareshi Blessing’s clay cooking pot, whose model (SB-132) can prove to be the perfect option for you. You will find this clay kadhai made of an exclusive range of unglazed clay and with a lid that makes it completely safe to use. You will get this embroidery in the size of 3 liters which can be the best option for your medium-size family.

This embroidery is completely surrounded by mirror finish and natural white firing shade- Earthened pot stone which gives mirror finish to the product. Apart from this, you can use it on gas without any worry. It is 100% organic and natural which makes it absolutely safe for cooking and this clay pot also contains many essential elements like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and sulfur which are very important for your body. Eating food in an earthen pot reduces your stomach-related diseases to a great extent and it contains all kinds of vitamins, even vitamin B12. You will get this model in red ocher color and its online price is Rs 999.

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Vaghbhatt Clay Cooking Pot (Rs 849)

If you are thinking of getting clay embroidery, then you can look for high-quality embroidery from the Vaghbhatt brand, which you will love. You will get it in the size of 2 liters, in which there are many benefits of cooking. Cooking in it also maintains the nutritious elements of the food and also makes the food tasty. By cooking food in earthen pots, a sufficient amount of calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, sulfur remains in our body.

You will get this clay kadhai with a lid which you can comfortably use on the gas and you can make dal, rice, pulao, and many more in it. You will get it in the size of 25.5 x 25 x 10.3 cm which is the perfect size for small and medium families. You cannot use this kadhai in the oven. You will get it in brown color and its online price is Rs.849.

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