Best Luminous Inverter UPS India 2021 Under 5000

These Inverter UPS from Luminous comes in the budget for home use, the price starts from Rs. 5,000.

Luminous is a well-known company in the field of inverters. You will find the company’s Inverter UPS (Luminous) in every range in the market. From home use to offices or even small shops, these inverters can be an ideal option. The range of these inverters starts from Rs.5,000. If the power situation in your area is not good and you are thinking of buying a Luminous inverter, then check out these affordable options.

Luminous Solar Inverter NXG1400 12 Volt Solar Home UPS (Price Rs.6,800)

If you are thinking of buying an affordable Solar Home UPS, then you can also try it. It is a sine wave solar hybrid UPS, which comes with 85% fast charge efficiency. It supports ECO mode (180 V to 260 V) and UPS mode (extended voltage range). Not only this, it has the facility of fast charging the battery through i-Charge technology.

The company claims that this results in a power saving of 1.5 – 3 units per day. Its special thing is that you can connect solar panels up to 800W. However, you cannot disable battery charging via the grid. The surge rating is 1200 VA. It can also run on a 1000 W load. In this, you do not get any digital display. Also, there is no way to disable grid charging.

The Luminous NXG1400/12V Volt Solar Home UPS costs Rs 6,800 on Amazon right now. The company is offering 24 months warranty on this product.

Luminous HKVA 2KVA Sine Cruise Wave UPS Inverter (Price Rs.13,000)

Apart from home use, if you are looking for Inverter UPS for offices or shops, then Luminous Hkva 2 Kva Sine Cruze Wave UPS Inverter can come in handy. Let us tell you that this is a heavy load inverter UPS. With its help, you can also run AC, Geyser, Photocopier, etc. It is equipped with Adaptive Battery Charging Control technology, which ensures faster charging and better battery life.

It has an intuitive display that is easy to understand. It shows you the status of mains availability, battery charging, battery level, etc. It has many safety features like short circuit protection, reverse polarity, battery overcharge protection, and battery deep discharge protection.

Luminous Hkva 2 Kva Sine Cruise Wave UPS Inverter is priced at Rs.13,000 on Amazon. The company is giving 2 years warranty on this product. You can also buy it at a monthly EMI of Rs 612.

Luminous Gelio+ 1100 Home Pure Sinewave Inverter UPS (Price Rs. 5,899)

Looking for a better inverter UPS for small families, then Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Home Pure Sinewave Inverter UPS is quite popular in the budget range. In this, you get an LCD, in which you can see the status of power backup and battery charging. This pure sine wave inverter can support 3 CFL bulbs, 3 tube lights, 3 ceiling fans, 1 TV, and 1 air cooler.

If seen, this inverter can be an ideal choice for 2-3 medium-sized rooms. This inverter from Luminous is equipped with features like overload and deep discharge protection, automatic temperature control, short circuit protection, etc. The Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Home Pure Sinewave Inverter UPS is priced at Rs 5,899 on Amazon. You can also buy it on EMI of Rs 278 per month. The company gives 2 years warranty on the product.

Luminous Eco Watt Inverter 650 (Price Rs 4,469)

If you are looking for affordable inverter UPS, then Luminous Eco Watt Inverter 650 can be a good option for you. Especially if your family is small, then this can be the ideal option for you. This Luminous Inverter supports a single battery. This inverter provides square wave output, which is essential for the safety of the device.

With its help, you can run Tubelight, CFL, Bulb, LED TV, Refrigerator, etc. It comes with overload protection, deep discharge protection, and short-circuit protection to protect your device. Apart from this, it also gets advanced PCB programming, a microprocessor, and an FSW transformer. The maximum power consumption is 352 watts – 387 watts.

Apart from this, 120 Ah – 150Ah battery capacity is recommended. It comes in a compact size. Takes up very little space in your home. The Luminous Eco Watt Inverter 650 is currently priced at Rs 4,469 on Amazon. The company offers 2 years warranty on this product. You can bring it home from Amazon at a monthly EMI of just Rs 210.

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