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LG G7 Comes with Notched display But Not OLED Display

LG G7 Notched Display Not OLED Display

If you are an LG Fan and you are waiting for the next LG flagship and you love OLED displays, it may disappoint you. Because, according to a Korean market analyst, the upcoming LG flagship will not have an OLED display because the company needs to cut costs.

LG is looking for profit, the OLED display is 2x-3x costlier than LCD panels and now LG is struggling. Last year, the company shipped fewer units than in the previous year and the LG G6 also didn’t succeed as expected. However, the G series has always had LCD displays so it is not a surprise.

According to latest leaks, LG G7 will carry a very high screen-to-body ratio with very narrow bezels and an iPhone X-like notch. The information also suggests that the company is planning to rebrand the lineup so it may not even be called as G7.

The device may hit the market sometime in April or May. It will be powered by Qualcomm  Snapdragon 845 SoC at a max frequency of 2.9 GHz.



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