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Hair Fall In Male What To Do To Stop It

Is your hair falling out and you don’t know what to do to remedy it? Don’t worry, we explain why this happens to you, we give you five practical tips to stop hair fall and we tell you what foods to eat to promote its growth. Take note!

There are many men who suffer from alopecia or hair fall in the United State and who, therefore, seek remedies to stop or prevent this fall. If this is your case, you should know that it is possible to stop hair fall by following some tips.

First of all, you should know that we all lose between 50 and 80 hairs a day. It is a natural process, as the hair renews itself just as the cells of our skin do. Each hair follicle produces a new shaft during its growth phase. However, when there are no new shafts to replace the hair we lose, the hair lightens in several areas.

Causes of Hair Fall in Men

For men, hair fall is primarily due to genetics. It is the so-called hereditary androgenetic alopecia, which affects approximately 70% of men and is caused by an excess of male hormones, androgens. Also known as male pattern baldness, it can begin to appear around the age of 18, although it most often begins later in life. It should be noted that at least 80% of all men show signs of baldness after 70 years of age.

Causes of Hair Fall in Men

Beyond the genetic cause and age, hair fall can be caused by:

  • Taking certain medicines, such as blood thinners, or being in the process of cancer treatment.
  • Having suffered a psychological shock or going through a time of great stress.
  • Following an unbalanced diet rich in fats and unhealthy foods.
  • Being affected by a seasonal change, such as the arrival of fall or the change from winter to spring.

How to Stop Hair Loss?

If you are losing more hair than usual and you suspect that you are starting to suffer from baldness, the most appropriate thing is that you go to visit a dermatologist, as he will be in charge of evaluating your case in detail.

You should know that losing hair is not a drama, as it is easier to slow down hair fall than to make it grow. To stop this annoying hair fall, take note that you have different treatments available: specific shampoos, lotions, and serums. In addition, the dermatologist may prescribe you to follow a medical treatment.

In your day-to-day life, it is important that you change some routines to promote the braking of this fall: use mild shampoos, avoid aggressive products in the hair such as gummies, try to follow a healthy and balanced diet and promote a calm lifestyle, without stress and sleeping the necessary hours.

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5 Tips to Stop Hair Loss

  1. Avoid hot water: it is not advisable to shower at a high temperature, as this can damage the hair leather, since hot water causes damage to the essential oils that help protect it, causing dryness and inflammation. Although there is no direct evidence that this leads to hair fall, some specialists believe that inflammation of the scalp can result in hair thinning.
  2. Avoid hot air: you should know that heat weakens hair proteins. It is not good to constantly dry it, as this causes fragility in the hair. So, avoid using the dryer on your hair and try to dry it naturally.
  3. Try scalp massage – Some studies suggest that scalp massage has the potential to increase hair density by improving blood circulation. An added benefit is that massage helps reduce stress levels, another factor related to hair fall.
  4. Take good care of your diet: nutrition is always important and in this case, it is not an exception either. A nutrient-poor diet damages hair growth, so it is advisable to observe the diet and bet on following a healthy, low-fat diet, avoiding alcohol and tobacco.
  5. Pamper your hair: taking care of your hair is also important to strengthen it. In this sense, you should cut it regularly, either at home or by going to the barber or a specialized center. Cutting your hair gives you vigor and strength.

4 Foods to Get Hair to Grow

  1. Hazelnuts: their high content of biotin, also called vitamin H or B8, makes them great allies to promote hair growth. Biotin is also involved in fat metabolism, which promotes a healthier scalp and more elastic hair.
  2. Salmon: it is rich in essential fatty acids. Did you know that around 3% of hair is made up of fatty acids? Hence its importance.
  3. Kiwi and citrus fruits in general: these are the foods with the most vitamin C, key in the production of collagen, one of the components of hair.
  4. Lentils: they are an important source of iron that, combined with vitamin C, helps to increase the oxygenation of the cells, essential for the healthy development of the hair follicle.

If despite having tried everything, you cannot find a solution to stop hair fall, you should know that you can always go, advised by a professional, to the surgical solution of follicle micrografts. What is done in this type of intervention is to extract living and healthy follicles from other parts of the body and they are transplanted into the scalp.

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