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Urban Play Smartwatch Under Rs 4000 Launched In India 2021

Urban Play Smartwatch Under Rs 4000 Launched In India 2021

Urban Play Smartwatch Under Rs 4000: Inbase launches smartwatch with high performance and Realtek chipset in India 2021.

New Urban Play Smartwatch India 2021

Inbase has launched the “Urban Play Smartwatch” equipped with a high-performance Realtek chipset in India. This smartwatch is equipped with a high-performance Realtek chipset. It has been specially designed for users to play interesting logic games on the wrist without any hassle. Every necessary feature has been added to make the Urban Play smartwatch useful for the Indian market.

The new Urban Play smartwatch comes with a sporty design. Zinc alloy has been used in its manufacture and it is equipped with a Realtek chipset. The 1.3-inch full-touch ultra-bright display with circular dial and best-in-class graphics make it ideal for any exposure. The watch comes with an inbuilt number game for user engagement, which makes it a perfect smartwatch for the Indian market.

The new smartwatch is designed for rough and adventurous use. This is a lightweight watch, this Play smartwatch can be easily synced with any smart device (phone and tablet) through the exclusive DaFit app.

The smartwatch comes with Bluetooth 5.0 and a handy home button. Users can also view weather updates and control the camera, music, etc. from their wrist. The 8 sports modes help users keep track of their fitness at all times and vibration alerts and social notifications help keep users updated with the latest status/updates even when they don’t have their smartphone or tablet.

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Play Logical Number Game

Urban Play comes with an inbuilt thrilling compounding number game for its users. Through this, users can enjoy their free time while being busy with their watches. Urban Play is a lightweight and slim design smartwatch made of zinc alloy casing. Due to the lightweight and slim design, users can wear this watch for a long time without any hassle. Urban Play sports a 1.30-inch full touch ultra-bright display (360X360 resolution), designed for smart usage and gaming. The display offers amazing clarity with its color display output. Users have the option to use a variety of interfaces.

Your Personal Trainer

Urban Play is equipped with many unique features. These features include users’ blood pressure (blood pressure), sleep cycle, heart rate (heart rate), number of steps (step count), blood oxygen (blood oxygen), ECG, calories burned, etc. The user’s personal professional acts as a doctor while carrying out tests and measurements. It can track your health and fitness as well as send you timely reminders. With its IPX68 certification, this device is suitable for outdoor or any type of aquatic activity. It can also measure your swim strength.

One Week Battery Life

The battery in the Play smartwatch lasts for 7 days after a full charge. The standby time of the smartwatch is 30 days. If you go trekking, close to nature and have little or no access to electricity, this watch will keep you updated with both your health and your activity for a long time.

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Price and Availability Urban Play Smartwatch

The Inbase Urban Play smartwatch has been priced at Rs 3,999. Customers can buy it through the Urban official website as well as other major retail outlets.

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