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6 Seater Dining Table Wooden For Home Made Luxury

6 Seater Dining Table

6 Seater Wooden Dining Table: With exquisite design and excellent built quality, these best 6 seater wooden dining tables come.

6 Seater Wooden Dining Table India

6 Seater Dining Table India

Family time is very important for everyone and it is available only when everyone is together, in one place and the best place for that is the lunch or dinner table, where most of the family talks about their routine. Dining Table It enhances the overall look of your home and also shows your style statement. If you are also thinking of getting a better and high-quality dining table for your home, then you will find many options in the market and if you do not want to go out, then in this report we will give you some special 6 seaters wooden dining table. We are going to tell you the options of the table, which can become your choice. The built quality of these dining tables is amazing and will fit in your budget too.

DriftingWood 6 Seater Dining Table

You can also check out the DriftingWood brand (‎DW-DNN-ZKS-WLF-R) model, which might be your choice. You will find it made of rosewood wood and solid MDF/plywood, which makes it strong and durable. If we talk about its size, then the size of its table is (height 29.4 x length 58 x width 35), so you will get its chairs in size (height 35 x length 18 x width 18). You will get a great look at the dining table from the rosewood girl, which will enhance the beauty of your home.

You will find this dining table made of very good quality, and you will also get a very good design on the corners of the table and the back of the chair. In this set of chairs, you will find quality cushions fitted which will give you comfort while sitting. Your entire family can spend quality time together and enjoy food by sitting at this wonderful dining table. You can buy it in Dark Walnut color and its online price is Rs 28,999.

Ramwood Furniture 6 Seater Dining Table

In this list, now let us tell you about the model of Ramwood Furniture (RF-DNG-06-TBL-12-V), which is a 6 seater dining table and you will find it made of rosewood wood and teak finish. This is a heavy-weight dining table, which will definitely enhance the beauty of your dining area and its elegant look can also be matched with the interior of your home. Talking about its size, then the size of its table (length 58 x width: 34 x height: 30) and the size of the chairs (length: 17.71 x width: 13.38 x height: 11.81) will be available to you.

The built quality of this dining table is amazing and due to its comfy size, even children can sit on it by arm. It is stylish/wooden look comes with a shine that you don’t mind cleaning too much, all you have to do is clean it with a dry cloth and it will always look like new. Even after keeping food on it, there is a lot of space left for you, which you do not have the issue of space while sitting. You can buy it in teak finish and its online price is Rs.24,999.

Home Center 6 Seater Dining Table

Home Center is known for its quality and stylish products, and if you are looking for a great Dining Table then you can check out this branded model (‎DIANA-6S-TABLE-WITH-4CHAIRS-AND-1BB) Huh. This model is a 6 seater which you will find made of engineered wood, which makes it strong and durable. Talking about its size, you will get the size of its table (150 cm x 90 cm x 74 cm), chair (45 cm x 51 cm x 74 cm) and dining bench (120 cm x 38 cm x 48 cm). .

Talking about its design, you will get it in a simple and elegant design, whose build quality is great and looks beautiful too. You can easily fit it in your dining area and can have a quality family dinner or lunchtime together. Along with this, this dining table is heat resistant which makes it run for years. In its chairs, you get cushions, which give you comfort in sitting and along with this you will get 4 chairs and 1 bench in it. You can buy this dining table in Walnut color and its online price is Rs.21,950.

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