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Benefits Of Plank Exercise: If You Want An Attractive Body Definitely Do

Topic: Benefits Of Plank Exercise: If You Want An Attractive Body Definitely Do.

Plank is a bodyweight exercise that helps a lot to stay fit. If you are upset with Belly Fat and excess fat deposited on your hips, then this exercise is very beneficial for you. Plank exercises are also necessary if you intend to make six-pack abs. With this help, you can mold your stomach and waist in good shape. Planking strengthens the stomach muscles and shows an overall body posture strong. There are several types of Plank exercises. Each plank has different positions. Let’s know how Plank exercises and what should be kept in mind while doing this.

How To Do Plank Exercise?

For simple full plank arm exercises, first, get into the push-up position and keep the body posture straight. Now try to stay in this position as long as possible.

First, come to the Plank position and keep the feet at a height of one foot with the help of a chair. Keep the posture straight.

After coming to the Plank position for the medicine ball planks, place the feet on the medicine ball instead of the floor. This plank seems easy to see but balance is necessary for this.

You can do plank on one leg. Take a normal plank position and keep the elbows on the floor. But keep one leg in the air. Stay like this for a few minutes and after some time take this position with the other leg.

These Are The Benefits Of Plank Exercise:

  • The plank is a great workout that does not require any tools to do it. You can do this anywhere, anytime.
  • This single exercise makes almost the whole body strong and keeps the body in shape. It is the best exercise to reduce belly fat as well.
  • Plank exercises are very effective in strengthening core muscles.
  • Plank exercise not only makes muscles and the body strong but also balances the body.
  • The National Osteoporosis Foundation recommends Plank Exercise to prevent osteoporosis.
  • Plank exercises strengthen the muscles of the lower back. It also gives support to the neck and spine.

Keep these things in mind while doing Plank exercises

Do not plank if your core muscles are weak. Not only this, avoid Plank even if there is a problem in the spine. Do not plank even if you have a pain in the neck. If there is any type of health problem, do not plank without a doctor’s advice.

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