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Portable Solar Lamps Best For Home Use Starts Rs 293

Portable Solar Lamps
Best Portable Solar Lamp India

3 Best Portable Solar Lamps India

Portable Solar Lamps: If electricity is a problem, portable solar lamps can be a good option for emergency use. Let us tell you that solar lamps are low maintenance and can be easily used when needed. You can also use them to enhance the decor of your home. The good thing is that you can keep the solar lamp on your study table or bedside table or even take them outside. Want to buy a portable solar lamp and its price is quite low. If you are wondering which solar lamp to buy, then let us tell you (Best Portable Solar Lamps) which might be best for you.

Agni Solar Lantern 2

The Agni Solar Lantern 2 has a good build quality and is also lightweight. It is made of durable plastic. Apart from solar power, the battery can also be topped up using the micro USB port. Once charged, users can also use it as a power bank to charge their phones and other basic electronics devices in case of an emergency. It is travel-friendly. It is easy to take it anywhere. It has an LED indicator, which shows the status of the battery. This will give you an idea of ​​how long the lamp will last. Agni Solar Lantern 2 is priced online at Rs 2,199.

D.light A2 Solar LED Rechargeable Light

The D.LIGHT A2 SOLAR LED Rechargeable Light may also be of use to you. It is also an economical solar light, which spreads bright light around itself. The good thing is that it is perfect for everyday use. Its build quality is strong design. Hence it can withstand sunlight and rain. It is equipped with an improved solar panel, which makes it better in terms of usage. It weighs just 140 grams and has metal handles. It can also be used as a stand. It has a large smart solar indicator for charging and 60,000 hours of LED life. It is also free from maintenance. d.light A2 Solar LED Rechargeable Light is priced at Rs.623 on Amazon. The company is offering 2 years warranty on this product.

Metro Lights LED Solar Lantern

Metro Lights LED Solar Lantern is an economical solar light. Especially it can be better for those people, where there is still more problem of light. Metro Lights LED Solar Lantern comes with a retro lantern design. It has solar-powered LED lights. They can be used while traveling, at home, or in case of an emergency power outage. It is made of quality plastic material. Its build quality is also strong. It has 360-degree light output, which illuminates the entire area around it. It is easily rechargeable and comes with a seven-step rotary switch to control the light. It also has a charging indicator LED. Metro Lights LED Solar Lantern costs just Rs 293 on Amazon.

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