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Topics For Motivational Blog Writing

How to Find Best Topics for Motivational Blog Writing

Hi reader, I’m Amit, and today I’m going to talk about Motivation. I think everyone needs motivation. But the question is where will you get motivation or from where will come? A person on Quora also asked me, what is the best topics for the motivational blog. So I’ll also be listed the topics for the motivational blog writing.

I started TopKhoj with a very motivated mind (inspired by Harsh Agrawal, CEO, ShoutMeLoud) and I was also getting the expected result from my website in 2017. That time I was completing my Graduation as an Electronics and Communication Engineering. So I invested some money that I was saved from my pocket money.

Before starting my website I only think that one day I’ll also start a website, but I only think didn’t do anything. Every day I just think and think, what will happen if I didn’t get succeed. But one day I thought at least I should start (Jo Hoga Dekh Lunga) otherwise I’ll be unsuccessful. The success and unsuccess will come after my attempt and I started.

topics for motivational blog


One day I was scrolling on Youtube and I found a video of Facebook’s founder. You all know who is, Mark Zuckerberg. The video title was Mark Zuckerberg’s inspirational speech. The video is still available on Youtube.

In the video, Mark says that The greatest successes come from having the freedom to fail. Ideas don’t come out fully formed, they only become clearer as you work on them. You just have to get started.

Then I realize, I am right and Mark is also right. You need to work on your ideas and it will be clearer.

Before purchasing a domain name and starting my website I was unknown from what factors matter when you buy a domain name. I was also unknown to WordPress. In a simple word, I can say that starred my website without knowledge in this field.

I started this because I wanted to start a website. I purchased my domain and cPanel from Go Daddy. Start watching and reading about technical terms related to the field and finally done WordPress setup.

I told my roommate that “Hey I just purchased a domain name and other things for my website and I also started. And I started my website on WordPress. Just after one day, I applied for Adsense and within a week I got a reply from Google.

“Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Unfortunately, after reviewing your application, we’re unable to accept you into AdSense at this time.” I read the reason and started doing hard work and got approval within 20 days after starting my website. My unsuccess becomes a motivation for me.

Later my friend said I also want to join you and I gave the author role to him. He wrote some posts on entertainment. Then both are started writing articles. I started covering the tech category and my friend Entertainment category.

My Motivation

I was regularly searching on google to perform better. Then I started learning SEO and I did first SEO for 20 best Hindi movies depicting college life that is written by Sumit (my roommate). This post ranks 3rd on Google Search result and first page on Bing since May 2017.

I did hard work and start getting the expected result. After few months allotted bandwidth and space were full. Then I stopped working, my friend also left. Because I had no money that I can upgrade or purchase another hosting service. In Feb 2018 I again started working and also got lots of disappointment.

Because when I stopped working, my website global rank was around 26 lakhs that were decreased to 70+ lakhs. But I thought as I’ll work rank will also improve. And again started doing hard work and within 2 months rank increased to around 38 lakhs and I also got a specific rank for the country, India.

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The main disappointment and demotivated thing were I lost my country rank and global rank goes to around 50lakhs. That time I really go demotivated and stopped doing work. I needed a strong motivation then my father said that you should always finish your work and keep doing hard work.

My father is a farmer. I also started reading some unsuccessful and successful stories. Because I believe that unsuccess story also gives you a path and a success story motivates you. Then I realize I don’t need to worry about success and unsuccess It will definitely come after my hard work and Today you can check my website rank.

So after reading some success and unsuccess stories, I can say that there are many sources of motivation such as Name, Fame, Money, Wealth, Success, Promotion, Vacation, Luxury, Car, House and more. But these are the external and temporary sources of motivation. You need to create a belief system for a permanent motivation source. Believe in yourself. When I feel demotivated, I discuss the problem with my parent.

Topics for motivational blog

Here is the answer to the question that what is the best topic for a motivational blog. I think word Motivation is already the best topic for a blog. You just need to make a sentence for the post title. You can write a motivation blog on these topics for motivational blog.

  • your story
  • Other’s story
  • Money
  • Career Motivation
  • How to get success
  • All the things that motivate you – make a list of those things and start writing.

If you are still feeling demotivated then forget what society or people say about you. Because You are the creator of your own Destiny and focus on yourself and your work.

  • Always think positive
  • Ask a question to yourself
  • Give yourself some time at least 60 minutes daily.
  • Make a plan
  • Think what are you doing
  • Say I can do
  • Build a positive network with good people
  • remove all the things from your social media profile.
  • Unfollow all the negative people
  • Give a suggestion
  • Be mentally strong
  • Ask for help, don’t hesitate
  • Don’t do everything just for money
  • Learn to say no to bad things
  • Create a daily routine
  • Always help other
  • Read motivational quotes
  • Feel everyday morning as a new day
  • Learn to control your anger
  • learn to share because sharing is caring

“The number of times I succeed is in direct proportion to the number of times I can fail and keep on trying.”
Tom Hopkins

If you like my story and it motivates you please share the post. If you’ll share then It will be a motivation for me.

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