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HDR 10 Gaming Monitor 165Hz Best For Beginners Pro Level

HDR 10 Gaming Monitor
Best HDR 10 Gaming Monitor 165Hz

HDR 10 Gaming Monitor: These HDR 10 Gaming Monitors are best for an amazing multimedia experience, know the features.

HDR 10 Gaming Monitor For Gaming India 2021

Top 3 HDR 10 Gaming Monitor India 2021

If you only go for high resolution while choosing a good monitor for the multimedia experience or gaming, then it is not enough. High resolution also cannot be enjoyed properly if the pictures are dull and not better. If you’re looking for a new monitor, you should always look for a good combination of high resolution and dynamic range.

Monitors that support the High Dynamic Range (HDR) standard can produce better colors and content. HDR10 is a popular standard and it helps a lot in handling the color and contrast of the monitor. Let us tell you about some such monitors that support HDR10, which will change your multimedia or gaming experience.

BenQ MOBIUZ monitor

The BenQ MOBIUZ monitor is equipped with HDRi technology. This technique helps in optimizing brightness and color. This is a 24.5 inch Full HD Gaming Monitor. The EX2510 also features a dual 2.5W speaker setup with digital signal processor support. It gives you a complete entertainment package within the monitor itself. Its Black Equalizer feature enhances visuals in dark areas without overexposing bright areas.

You can map your display presets to different inputs, such that simply changing your input configures your display for the best experience. The Light Tuner feature lets you choose between 20 color settings for the best experience. The BenQ MOBIUZ monitor costs Rs 19,990. You can also buy it from Amazon at a monthly EMI of Rs 941. The company gives a warranty of 39 months on this product.

Acer Nitro XV270P Monitor

The Acer Nitro XV270P monitor comes with a maximum refresh rate of 165Hz ( Best HDR 10 Gaming Monitor ), which can be a good option for gamers who want an extremely smooth experience. It has a 1ms Visual Response Boost feature, which provides a better visual experience while avoiding motion blur. It has a 27-inch Full HD IPS display. Its wide 178-degree viewing angle screen is clearly visible even from different points of the surroundings.

With a 25-degree tilt range, 120mm height range, and 360-degree swivel capability, the Acer Nitro monitor can be configured as you wish. Its dual 4W speakers deliver powerful audio without you needing an external speaker. Its zero frame design enhances the immersiveness of the visuals. The price of the Acer Nitro XV270P Monitor is Rs 18,179. You can also buy it from Amazon at a monthly EMI of Rs 856. The company gives 3 years warranty on this product.

LG Ultragear Gaming Monitor

This Ultra Gear gaming monitor from LG comes with G-SYNC and FreeSync support. You get a better gaming experience on this monitor without any hassle. The LG Ultragear sports a 27-inch IPS FHD display. The monitor ensures 99 percent coverage of the sRGB color gamut, providing accurate colors for your gaming and entertainment needs. Its IPS panel improves viewing angles, offering you better pictures anywhere in the room.

It comes with a 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms motion blur reduction speed. Action sequence blur will not be seen in this. The monitor allows you to adjust the height of the display and change the angle of inclination. The price of the LG Ultragear Gaming Monitor is Rs 23,500 on Amazon. You can also buy it at a monthly EMI of Rs 1106. The company is offering 3 years warranty on this product.

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