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Choose the right one: WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org

Know the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

Here we’ll know WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org. Everybody wants to succeed in their online business. These days blogging and other online stuff is highly on demand. And in this case, you want to start a blogging website, e-com website or other kinds of a website you look for a website and want to choose an easy and non-techie content management system CMS because everybody is not a genius. So there’s a most popular name that comes in our mind i.e. WordPress.

But WordPress has two options .com and .organd both are very different platforms. Now people get confused, which one should I choose for my new website, or which one will be good for me? So from now don’t get confused because here are the answers. Read below

WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org

The one major difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org is who’s hosting your blog or website.


  • You host your own blog or website.
  • you’ll need to find the free WordPress software than download it and install it on your own web server.
  • It has full theme support means you can use any custom or commercial WP theme and customize it in your way or do anything with your site.
  • All kinds of Plugins are available means here you can upload or download any free, paid, or custom plugins according to your requirements. The benefit of plugins is to maximize the potential of WordPress as a CMS.
  • regular investment means you need to pay for a domain and hosting.
  • No barrier to monetization means you can sell as many ads as you want on your website. Not only this you can also monetize your website with any Ad service provider and earn more and more.
  • You can use this platform for your branding purpose. Here is the freedom to choose “powered by links” to display or not.
  • SEO friendly means here you can choose the best plugin for SEO and maximize your website for the ranks higher in Google search result.
  • It has powerful support for Analytics. You can use Google Analytics service or others to get all the insights.
  • This .org is fully supported for an eCommerce store. you can create a fully functional online store.
  • Here you can create a membership website.
  • You have to worry about anything means you’ll have to take all kind of responsibilities related to your websites such as website update, backup, SPAM control, website optimizations, and others.


  • Itself takes care of all of the hostings for you.
  • You don’t have to download software, pay for hosting, or manage a web server.
  • has limited theme support means you can’t upload any custom themes and can’t customize an existing theme.
  • there’s no plugin allowed.
  • No investment it’s free for up to 3GB of storage space. No customization, stay with limited subdomains, they also display their ads on your website.
  • here only user with high traffic (25k or more monthly page views) can monetize their website with Ad providers.
  • with free WordPress.com you are forced to display “powered by links” to remove this you’ll have to pay.
  • with free WordPress.com there’s limited SEO control, you can’t install any SEO plugin.
  • It has its own built-in stats and you can’t use any third-party analytics service.
  • can’t create an online store.
  • can’t create a membership website.
  • You don’t have to worry about website maintenance.

So, what platform you decided? In my opinion, WordPress.org is best because It has a large community. Because of a larger community, you’ll get any kind of technical support related to your WordPress website. Read the guide on How To Use WordPress, WordPress Tutorial/Guide, Start WordPress Blogs.

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